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I was on TriSprintec for 4-5 years and ALWAYS had a regular period which began on the same day and lasted roughly 4-5 days. I'm very prone to headaches, which are especially worse during certain points in my cycle, so I asked my gyno if there was something I could try that would help that.

She switched me to Junel-FE (28-day regimen). She didn't tell me to take any extra precaution during the first week, so I assumed it was fine since I was switching from one combo pill to another. I looked it up to make sure switching from one BCP to another gave me immediate and continued protection in case I were to have sex without a condom (which I didn't realize until later that I did on day 1 of the new pill) and the answer I found was yes.

My period should have come two days ago, but didn't. I am on day 5 of the placebo iron pills. I have had none of the typical PMS symptoms either, other than a headache that started today. I took a pregnancy test today because I got nervous, and it came back negative. [B]My question is this[/B]: is it normal to miss a period completely when switching from one BCP to another? Is it normal on this particular pill? I have always been regular and it freaks me out that I suddenly don't have a period this month. I just want to see if anyone that has switched has had similar experiences. I did look it up, and other forums had similar answers from other people on this same medication (no period for months?!) but I want to know if this is typical.

Note: The last two months my period was VERY light and came a day later than usual. Again, I didn't have any symptoms those months so I attributed it to stress since I was under a lot of it.

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