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So today I briefly talked to my dr about switching pills. I currently have been on Lutera the generic of Alesse for the past year.

I love the fact that I get my period for 1 day out of the month and its super light and predictable.....but for the past 3months migraines have been starting and I get them often during the week of my period and I also have been getting really bad PMS and mood swings. Also the day of my period I'm literally in pain my lower back hurts bad and I'm nauseated for the entire day...wich is pretty much ruined. Also breakouts are getting bad and occasional breakthrough bleeding wich I never had before while on this pill.

I'm ticked cuz this pill has been excellent otherwise and no weight gain! But these last 3 months have been bad. Not to mention I do have PMDD.

So my dr mentioned Yaz and Yasmin...with my insurance I would get the generics Zarah or Gianvi ....I would greatly appreciate any feedback about these pills.

I tried Zarah for about a month but stopped taking it due to anxiety...wich at the time all I saw was those warning commercials on tv wich may have triggered it lol either way now I am willing to give either pill a fair shot for the next few months.

Again any feedback(good or bad) is more than appreciated:angel: Thanks!

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