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Hey, all!
I'm ready to kick that crazy pill and I am looking to employ the FAM method of birth control. My husband and I have been married for two years, but we are not yet ready to have kids (probably won't be for a few more years), so we need something that's super effective. My husband is already skeptical about the whole fertility tracking thing, so I want to make this as easy and painless for him as possible. I'm thinking FAM and withdrawal during ovulation.
I have a couple questions.
1.) I've heard of people shaving down their bc pills so as to ween themselves off the hormones. This is said to prevent the wild spike of hormones that cause acne and other side effects when you come off the pill. How would this work with FAM? I realize my readings would not be completely accurate (basal body temp), but would this work? Would I still be able to chart my cm somewhat accurately? (I also completely understand that FAM will not be reliable until my body gets used to no hormones... a month or two after discontinuing use of pills) Has anyone had serious side effects for coming off the pill, and how did you deal with it?
2.) I'm looking into herbal remedies as a back up measure. So far, nothing going. Queen Anne's Lace looks promising, but I can't take that until all the synthetic hormones have been flushed from my body, completely. Any other ideas?

Thanks so much for your support and input. Much love!


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