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For the last three months. Since march 27 to be exact I have felt dizziness. Sometimes like I'm just going to pass out and die. This all started around the time that my birth control (ortho novum 777) started acting weird. I started having back pain and bad anxiety while on the pills. And I haven't stopped feeling dizzy though could it be from the birth control? I've been on it for 7 months now and I've never felt in my normal mood since being on it. I went to the doctor and they've been saying it's inner ear related but I don't think so anymore. They never ran tests or anything they just kinda guessed and gave me anti dizzy pills which didn't help. I've stopped the pill now been off it for four days and no change long til I notice any changes?
I've been on 3 types of birth control over the last 10 years. Everytime I take it, I have very odd symptoms. This last time I was on it for 4 days before I had extreme dizziness, anxiety, heart racing, blood pressure spiked, and it was like an out of body experience. I was fine until the BC. I called the gyn office and they were hesitant to tell me to stop, but said if I felt like it was the pill to do so. It took over a week before I finally started feeling better. Even a couple weeks after, I'd have spells of dizziness. Now after a couple months of being off of it, I feel fine. My gyn everytime have told me the pill doesn't do that...but 2 different pills and a patch have done this to me.

If you think it's the pill, it could be. Give it a little more time, unless it's something you feel is alarming. But you've been on it longer than I was, it will take time to get it out of your system (if that is the route you want to take). If you haven't had your ear tested, I'd probably do it just to rule it out. Also make sure your gyn is aware you have quit taking it.
I hope you feel better soon!

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