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Ok bear with me because this is long. I first got my period at 12 years old. Had a normal 28 day cycle for the next 5 years until I got a boyfriend/on birth control. April 2006, I started with the Depo shot, as its what my mom used and it worked for her just fine, which I got twice in six months. Both times, I bled, no kidding, the ENTIRE time, three months plus, with no signs of letting up. After the first shot, my gyn suggested I get it again as I should be used to it by now and the bleeding should stop. Lies. It didnt stop, it didnt get better, I just bled and bled for near a YEAR until the depo was finally out of my system. After that year after, I finally stopped bleeding everyday & got one period on a 28 day cycle every month. It was July 06, when I got the second depo shot. October 2007, I was still bleeding. Fast forward, in September 07 my periods just started to be normal, the depo was finally getting out of my system, and I was ready to try a new form of bc. However, December 2007, I got pregnant. September 2008, my son was born. After my son was born, I breastfed so my periods were irregular for awhile, but by August of 2009 I was pretty regular again and ready to try a new form of birth control. So I did the Nuva ring, which worked great for awhile, but I got tired of having to change my bc and wanted something more permanent but not depo because that didnt work. Also, Nuva ring would be weird during sex, like i could feel it, and he could, and it was annoying. So, November 2011 rolls around and I try Mirena. Oh my goodness, once again, I bled the WHOLE time. I had to rip it out of myself a year later because what the hell. I bled, at least 3/4 weeks every month snce insertion until november or december of 2012 when i said the heck with it and yanked it out of myself. Stopped bleeding INSTANTLY btw after months of that bs. I go back to the Nuva ring, but once again, I really dont like feeling something in my vajay like that all day and when I have sex, its just weird. So I try the implant, Nexplanon in MARCH 2014, and I just do not stop bleeding no matter what day it is or what i eat or how i feel, just bleeding bleeding bleeding. So i have that surgically removed two years+ early because i cant handle it. I removed it October 16 2014. It is now November 22 2014.

Now.. Im on the birth control pill . I started taking them the day i was getting a "period" like i was instructed to do so, and the period stopped, that day which was weird for me especially. Then, when i still have a week of active and a week of inactive pills, I start bleeding (on the active pills) with a week of placebos left and now Im really at my wits end. Do i keep taking birth control pills, which arent stopping the periods anyway, do i take the inactive pills and have a two week period before going back to the active pills, do i skip the inactive pills, or do i just stop taking birth control altogther because its making me bleed to death?
Was I not really having a period the day I was bleeding and if i wasnt why was i bleeding? Do I need to wait for a real period for a year like i did coming off depo or am i able to get pregnant so i shouldnt or am i not or what?

It does NOT stop my periods. or regulate them, or anything. The only way I HAVE normal periods is if im not on birth control. Also between not being on birth control and being on it, Ive lost 40 pounds. A good 25 of those pounds I lost on depo and never got back and the last I lost on Nexplanon and never got back. Every case i hear is the opposite, girls gaining weight and stopping periods altogther. I am the polar opposite. I dont stop bleeding and I cant put on weight no matter how hard I try Im just deteriorating. Need help. Cause I DONT want to be pregant. Only got pregnant the first time because of the birth control not working (as far as bleeding goes) now im in the same boat. I went off depo and waited for my period to come back, that took a year, then i got immediately pregnant.

Im terrified of the same thing happening but birth control is making seriously depressed. It works as far as controlling birth but obviously since im not gonna have sex since im bleeding so much. So im an abstinent on birth control bleeding crazy angry person cause its either this or pregnancy.

Help someone, please, let me not be alone here. Anyone have a solution?

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