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... I had DD when I started alesse. I actually lost size from Alesse, which when you have large breasts, they aren't as nice looking as smaller... and when you lose size... IT SHOWS. I gained a lot on Ortho Tri Cyclen. But lost on Alesse. (27 replies)
... Personally, I would rather have a smaller chest than have bigger breasts and a tummy. ... (4 replies)
... anonymoose - my gyno gave me alesse in the summer of 8th grade, and before christmas my breasts had grown form a 34B to a 36 C (i also gained a little weight, but i dont think it all went to my chest!). my sisters and a few friends are also on it and other pills, and most of them had a change in bra size, so chances are you will too (27 replies)

... sorry, i have been on alesse for 3 years now and they didnt get any bigger. Just look on the bright side, at least you dont have weight gain and you get to keep your figure. ... (27 replies)
... Hi. I was on a higher dose pill than Alesse and didn't have any noticeable enlargement. Then when I changed to it they definately got bigger. I would say an entire cup size. ... (27 replies)
... I was on Alesse for a lil while back when I first got on the pill.. ... (27 replies)
... Sweetie! Im sorry! I was on alesse for 3 yrs! and My boobs didn't go anywhere! Thats what the Low dosage pills are made for. ... (27 replies)
... issue with Alesse is that it caused extreme moodiness, depression, vaginal dryness, lack of interest in sex, and of course, the weight gain and bigger breasts. ... (11 replies)
... i noticed since being artificial hormone free, i've lost my breasts too! ... (27 replies)
... wow i want mine to get bigger too! haha.. man i am on yasmin and i wonder if i got off if my boobs would get bigger!! well i thought they maybe got a LITTLE bigger from it.. or maybe thats just because i lost weight in other places so they LOOK bigger... not sure! ... (27 replies)
... I've been on Alesse for three months. I noticed an increase in size within the first month. I was an A, and now I can fill out a B cup. It's a good pill... ... (27 replies)
... This is weird, but I have been on Alesse for about 2 years, and for the longest time nothing happened, then the doctor changed my pills to where I skip placebos for 2 months then have them on the third month, and I went from a 34B to a 34C. So perhaps it will work :) (27 replies)
... my doctor prescribed Alesse birth control for me and since it is a very lose dose of hormones i was just wondering if anyone has experienced an increase in breast size while on it. ... (27 replies)
... how much bigger? I am a b now and certainly don't want to end up much bigger (27 replies)
... If you are hoping to get bigger boobs! I'd recommend the Patch! I was on the Patch for 1 month and My boobs turned into Cantalaupes. Yes they GREW! ... (27 replies)
... I got fatter in my chest and stomach but not my breasts. I think I'm now a 36A instead of a 34B. It stinks. (27 replies)
... een on it for almost 3 weeks now and havent noticed any changes yet. it's weird though because during my period a couple months before i started birth control my breasts got very swollen and sore which is unusual, but went back down to normal size. ... (27 replies)
... thank you so much. I would say I am about the same as you are. I just don't want to be much bigger then a middle c. ... (27 replies)
... I'm an very small B right now (in between sizes) and went up to a full/large B. So not incredibly bigger, but enough to make me happy for awhile! (27 replies)
... I got bigger on the patch.. then went on Aleese and deflated.. ... (27 replies)

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