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... cyclin and my breastsgrew considerably. I was unhappy with this and went off of the pill for a few years. I have now been on Alesse for 3 months and my breasts have gone from a large C to DD. I thought that alesse would be a good choice as it is low dose, but I was wrong. ... (8 replies)
... ginal and D, this month however my chest went down to a b and this is really concerning because my weight is exactly the same i have never lost wieght because of alesse just gained. does anyone know why or what i can do to fix this should I stop Alesse? ... (0 replies)
... my doctor prescribed Alesse birth control for me and since it is a very lose dose of hormones i was just wondering if anyone has experienced an increase in breast size while on it. if so how much? ... (27 replies)

... im not on Alessa..but im experiencing exactly what you have described. it so weird what the pill can do to you. (7 replies)
... I haven't noticed any change in breast size, but my sex drive was non-existant. I just switched to Alesse, which I think might be worse!! It's only my 1st month on it, but all of a sudden I'm hungry ALL the time, don't get filled up as fast, and I'm already starting to gain weight. I think I'd rather go back to the Ortho Tri Cyclen LO! (7 replies)
... Hmmm... I'm on Alesse too and nothing has changed regarding my weight. But I do wish my breasts would grow! Hehehe.... I'm only a 34B. I want to be a size C! ... (8 replies)
... i wasnt on the pill you were talking about but when i started ortho ttricylen 3 years ago i had an a cup to a b cup and this might sound werid but i wonder if you get off the pill would u lose your breast size i heard somewhere you could (27 replies)
... I guess it's just further proof that nothing is 'one size fits all' and what might work for some won't work for all. ... (8 replies)
Low-Hormone Pills
Feb 16, 2004
... I was on Alesse for 14 months and I went up a cup size. ... (3 replies)
Low-Hormone Pills
Feb 14, 2004
... hormone BC pills can increase breast size? ... (3 replies)
... I've been on Alesse for almost a year and a half and have had no side effects. I haven't gained any weight, my breast seem about the same size, maybe ever so slightly larger. Until this past week I hadn't had any bleeding or spotting either. ... (81 replies)
... It's sometimes difficult to find a pill that will work best for you. How long were you on each birth control pill? Did you give each brand sufficient time for the side effects to stop/alleviate? It's a trial and error thing. There are plenty of positive posts about IUD's on this forum, although, not all women are candidates for an IUD. (5 replies)
... I was on Depo for over 6 years, had no idea how bad it could be for you with long term use, anyways.....I switched back to the pill and I have tried Ortho Tricyclen and had some side effects (breast went up a whole cup size, bad cramps) so my doc switched me to Alesse and I had terrible side effects from it (dizziness, nausea, unable to sleep). So now I am back to square... (5 replies)
... I dont know if I'm just being too nervous or not but I think that I might be pregnant. I have been on Alesse 21 day for about 3 years now. Everything has been as normal as it can be for me and my period's. ... (10 replies)

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