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... Ok guy's i'm now on my 6th week of seasonale. the other day i had a little spotting but not too bad at all 4 whole spots. But so far still no side effects except a little breast tenderness. But all in all not too bad. I take my pill exactly 7 am everyday. so far no troubles at all. ... (3 replies)
... Now on seasonale I still have lite cramps, but not near as bad as they use to be. I have had lite break through bleeding in the 2nd packet of the middle of the month on a few of the packs. But nothing serious. ... (9 replies)
... At the end of week eight, I noticed very light spotting. So for the first week, I just started wearing liners. ... (0 replies)

... I have tried the generic seasonale and I HATED it. ... (5 replies)
... My wife is currently on Seasonale but not for the BirthControl reasons, she has endometritis which causes Cyst's to constantly form on the Ovaries. ... (21 replies)
... I'd say continue with Seasonale, but if you've had bad experiences with most other pills, chances are this one isn't going to be any different. Did you give each of the previous pills enough time? ... (9 replies)
... I agree that Seasonale is the worst. I'd stay away from it. And as the previous poster stated, you can go for 3 months without a period on any of the monophasic pills anyway, and some of them are less bad with side effects than others. ... (5 replies)
... with the shot so last year I went off of it and I'm now on the patch. I still get yeast infections, but not as often as before. ... (3 replies)
... n or not, but I'll see. After this pack is finished, I highly doubt I will continue on Seasonique. Mainly because I can't afford the high cost, but also because of the side effects. I don't know if most women on Seasonique experience these same symptoms or not. Maybe its just me, but I hope this helped. ... (5 replies)
... gained 10 lbs. As soon as I went off it for two months, I was my normal self! My doctor recommended Yasmin, because she said not many people have side effects on it, but I beg to differ! Just searching for Yasmin on google brings up so many different sites with user complaints. ... (1 replies)
... related side effects. I personally had a very negative mood effect from it, because it was so awful. I would never advocate any woman staying on it, because of how badly it screwed me up. I didn't feel like I was normal, I felt this constant disconnected feeling and I was depressed all the time, it was horrible. ... (4 replies)
... Well, you have to balance the risks and benefits. Did you know the pill can mess with your insulin level too? I'd have the doc keep a close eye on you. With the smoking and family history I'd say you are definitely at an increased risk of side effects :( (21 replies)
... First of all, do NOT take Seasonale!! Please do not take that pill! By far, it is the WORST of ALL pills available on the market! If you don't believe me, just do a google search for Seasonale and side effects and you'll see what I mean. ... (2 replies)
... It's most definitely related to the seasonale, I'm sure of it! I was on that pill for about 6 months and my anxiety and panic attacks increased to the point where I thought I might have to be hospitalized. ... (2 replies)
... I too have been on many different types of bc. I am now on Seasonale and I love it. My yeast infections have nearly gone away, and my headaches are better. I have not had any sort of problems with breakthrough bleeding. ... (4 replies)
... h that. i went back on the pill right after the 3 months was up and the first period after the shot was really bad. heavy and cramps and it lasted longer. im one of those people that dont take the pill at the same time everyday.. i just forget. i take it sometime during the day. ... (8 replies)
Bcp whoas
Mar 30, 2005
... Today I threw away my pills. Just looking at that pack of pills makes me mad! ... (6 replies)
... I mean for weight gain of course. ... (13 replies)
... and start with another pack of pills right away. That's perfectly safe and it's done all the time. ... (5 replies)
... I got a little itchy down there, but then I bought some cream and ate lots of yogurt as a precautoin and nothing ever came about. That was it. ... (31 replies)

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