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... my heart starts racing sometimes, just out of the blue and its hard to breath, I have to stop whatever Im doing and take a deep deep breath. Its almost like a anxiety attack. Is this from stopping the birth control and if so why? ... (28 replies)
... I had similar concerns when faced with birth control options. ... (5 replies)
... Hi everyone...I am soon to go on birth control bills. Those who are on them know that the chance for stroke, bloodclots and heart attacks goes up. ... (1 replies)

... re what to do. I'm not supposed to see my gyn, till next winter, and dont know if I should schedule an appointment just to talk with her. Is it possible that the anxiety and bc are unrelated, or more likely that they are? ... (2 replies)
... What pill were you on? (3 replies)
... On my first visit, the therapist suggested that my birth control pills could be contributing to my anxiety! WHAT A REVELATION!!!! ... (3 replies)
... Hi... I'm 18 years old and considering beginning birth control again... I used to take it when i was younger to regulate my periods, and relieve my cramps... Awhile after beginning b.c. ... (3 replies)
... Lately I have felt down, and anxious. I am not sure if this relates to what's been going on in my life, or the birth control, or a combination of the two. ... (0 replies)
... In December 2003 I was given Yasmin birth control pill by my physician for moderate acne. ... (16 replies)
... Birth control pills deplete many of the B vitamins, hence the depression, anxiety, nervousness, etc. ... (1 replies)
... I agree withyou %100,I also suffered all the side effects from mirena,I even had to have my thyroids removed and will be on meds for that for the rest of my life. I would love to sue Mirena makers for what they have done to me,ruined my life,I would tell everyone dont get mirena,its EVIL.check out google. mirena-side-effects. and read for yourself all the... (2 replies)
... ng me at school and with family and friends. I would get mad at absolutely nothing and for no reason. I would say things that I did not mean of which I could not control and I embarassed myself and later had to appologize for acting upset about nothing. ... (2 replies)
... anyway after giving birth she went back on the pill and took it everyday same time ect.. ... (5 replies)
... I had such bad panic attacks and anxiety after I started OTC LO. I stopped and within a few days I noticed a difference in how I felt. My sister had the same thing happen. It was horrible. ... (8 replies)
BCP and Anxiety
Jan 25, 2004
... I was wondering if anyone had the same problems with birth control and anxiety. In the summer 2003 I was on the NuvaRing and subsequently began a very intense phobia disorder after only one month. ... (2 replies)
... I am not sure birth control pills have ever caused any of my anxiety or anything but I do have generalized anxiety disorder.I just wanted to let ya know during all of my pregnancies I was almost anxiety free! ... (3 replies)
... Cyclen. I still get anxiety from time to time, but I just switched to the new kind less than a month ago, so it could just be because my anxiety has been flared up for so long. ... (4 replies)
... The reason why bcps cause anxiety and depression is because they deplete the B vitamins in the body, which are the ones responsible for mood. ... (6 replies)
... That's why I'm saying it's got to be the pill. Maybe you only have that anxiety problem with a certain pill and not another. ... (12 replies)
... Hello again....good luck with everything "phtolvr"...i am also a night owl and have a 11pm - midnight'ish time and i, too, notice that i wake up at 5 -6 am everyday very briefly. they say to take it everyday at the same time....does anyone know if it's bad if you take it within 1 -3 hours of the same time every night? sometimes i do 11pm, sometimes 1am, i know i should be... (137 replies)

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