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... I've been on NuvaRing for about 3 years or so...maybe 4. I had stopped it a while back and didn't have any real side effects (that I noticed) after I stopped. Except that I got my period right away after stopping it. I then started back up on it. After I screwed up my days the last few months of taking it out and putting it in... I started my period and it never stopped... (28 replies)
... My breasts have gone up about a cup size, but it's not permanent (they sadly go away on the sugar pills). You sound like you might be concerned about weight, though, and BCP does cause water retention. It isn't bad for me and goes away (again) with the sugar pills, but you really shouldn't mess with BCP unless you are taking it for some other reason because there are some... (5 replies)
... Six years isn't that long, I was on for over 15. I'm sorry to hear about the liver thing, that really sucks! It's true what you've heard that you may not get a period for a few months. It depends on how regular you were before you started taking the pill. I was always like clockwork before being on the pill, so when I quit, I went right back to my regular schedule again. ... (3 replies)

... and tender breasts for 2 months I can deal with. ... (4 replies)
... I wouldn't pressure her. She also seems to think that she will get fat if she takes it. She's really slim now, about 120 pounds and 5'5. She told me her butt and breasts would get bigger. Is it true that the pill makes a girl get bigger? ... (5 replies)
... Breast tenderness and swelling is a common side effect when starting birth control. It should go away. ... (4 replies)
... i gained 10 pounds since it interfered with my thyroid medication. But my breasts stayed the same. ... (11 replies)
... I've been on Avianne for more than a year, I haven't gained a pound and had almost no side effects except some morning sickness the first week and tender breasts the first 2 months. ... (10 replies)
... Also, I have had some issues with being emotionally sensative to things, difficulting concentrating, easily distracted, and minor breakouts on my face, and my breasts have gotten smaller. Just wondering if these symptoms seem common. ... (16 replies)
... I did. When I was on Ortho-cept, my ins. switched and I had to go on generic versions. I tried both. the apri wasn't as bad as the other but they both gave me bigger, sore breasts, both made me gain weight, 5 lbs. each, moody, bloated, ect. Now I'm on OTC lo, because it's one of the only brands that doesn't have a generic right now. (1 replies)
... This is all very common for starting out BC again. You get nauseated only when you take the pill itself, not in the morning, which means that symptoms is obviously the pill. As for the other symptoms, it's all just like the things that women experience when they start the pill. I don't think there is any reason for you to believe that you are pregnant. You have no idea how... (3 replies)
... I've actually thought about going back on the patch because it gives me less side effects than pills do... and it made my breasts a half size bigger! LOL! ... (4 replies)
... none. i feel fat when im on my periods, but its just regular bloating that you get without the pill too. no real weight gain. no dificulty losing weight. my breasts have gone up a cup size though, and they were already big to begin with. ... (19 replies)
Yaz Birth Control
Jun 29, 2006
... No headaches, weight gain, etc....My breasts seem to be bigger though, and this does not make me happy. ... (137 replies)
Yaz Birth Control
Jun 28, 2006
... I'm glad to hear that other people were waiting for their periods during the white pills. I'm only on day 1 and of course, don't have it yet, but was a little put off because I switched from Ortho Lo and used to get my period on a Tuesday. It's only Wed. and I've just started the white pills, so we'll see. Other than that, I've had no weird side effects and I feel like I've... (137 replies)
... Can I ask a few questions as I am currently on Yasmin and HATE it. The hormones make me moody, make my breasts enormous and make me gain weight. ... (4 replies)
Yaz Birth Control
Jun 25, 2006
... not many side effects other than sleepiness... My breasts are huge and tender but that's nothing more than a little annoying. ... (137 replies)
Yaz Birth Control
Jun 16, 2006
... ing it. I used to have nearly to perfect skin, and now my forehead and chin are filled with really small pimples that don't look nice at all. I also feel that my breasts have been very sore lately. ... (137 replies)
Yaz Birth Control
Jun 12, 2006
... I am on my third week of Yaz pills and have lost 4 lbs.. I am pretty tired too and have had sore breasts...still anxious to see what happens with my period. (137 replies)
Yaz Birth Control
May 31, 2006
... toms a couple of packs before i just give up on it...considering this is my first bc pill, i'm definitely not changing to anything else since other than the sore breasts and funky sleep, i've had no other problems and lost a couple of pounds... ... (137 replies)

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