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... will I still get my period this week? ... (0 replies)
... First off, what is break through bleeding? ... (2 replies)
... s put on birth control due to PCOS. Ovcon35 i think it was. So far AF has visted twice on ONE round of BC and im still taking the first month. My dr called it break through bleeding, but does break through bleeding last as long as a regular period? ... (0 replies)

... small red discharge about a week after my period ends. I'm not sure if it's just break through, or what? ... (1 replies)
Late Period
Aug 8, 2005
... days. I joined a site that keeps track of my period for me. My last cycle was 33 days. ... (2 replies)
... Has anyone ever purposely skipped their period by not taking the placebo pills and starting a new pack right away? ... (0 replies)
... You should be just fine with skipping your period for a month. ... (3 replies)
... Read the package insert that came with your pills. It's really informative and explains all of this. Spotting or break-through bleeding is common when first starting any brand of birth control. It can take several cycles for the spotting to stop, and some women must switch brands for the spotting to stop (although this isn't usually recommended until you've completed a... (2 replies)
... I'm not worried about being pregnant as I had a period last month and haven't had sex in two months, but I am worried that something is wrong. Last month I had break through bleeding the week before my period which lasted right until my real period. ... (1 replies)
... Technically it's break through bleeding but it can mirror an actual period. It might go away, or it might linger for several weeks. ... (2 replies)
... I am 53 years old. I have had very regular periods up to now although they are very heavy. I have had break through bleeding from 9/16/07 (the day my period should have started) to today 9/30/07 instead of a normal period. Is this a symptom of premenopause? Should I be concerned? There is no pain, no burning and no funny smells. (0 replies)
... It's normal for your periods to be irregular when stopping the pill. As for when to start the pill again, it is really best to wait until you have your period, which is when the hormones are at their lowest. You can start the pill earlier, but you're more likely to experience break-through bleeding. (1 replies)
... time thing. Sometimes your period can come early or late, even on the pill. Just monitor your cycle. ... (1 replies)
... It should, I posted some similar info on a different thread a few minutes ago. The reason that you have a period while on the pill is because you stop taking progesterone and your body is going through withdrawl. ... (2 replies)
Early period
Feb 20, 2007
... I have been on Loestrin 24 fe for almost two months far everything has been fine for the most part until this week I had bleeding almost as heavy as a period and slight cramping like a period that has lasted 4 and half days so far. ... (1 replies)
... I tried skipping my period last month for the first time ever because my boyfriend and I went on a trip. ... (2 replies)
... through bleeding...It is much lighter then my regular period but there is enough that makes me have cramps and have to wear a pad. ... (3 replies)
... I started taking Femcon on June 8th which was a sunday. I was expecting to then get my period on the 29th since that is the first day of the inactive pills. Well today I found that I am bleeding. ... (4 replies)
... No matter what brand you take if you don't take them correctly it will alter your period so much that you will not know what is your real period and what isn't. Alot of the bleeding you are having is not a period it's break through bleeding from taking the pills incorrectly. ... (6 replies)
... it's like a constant light period for 3 days even though I'm still taking my pills. ... (0 replies)

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