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... ok here's my question.. i know you can skip periods by starting a new pack right away, but what about just delaying them a week? ... (3 replies)
... free week and get my period, then I'll start a new pack and I'll be in Hawaii during the third week of actives. Essentially, I'll be delaying my period by a week. My concern is that I'll end up spotting during that week. ... (1 replies)
... inflammatories that early I would spot forever. My periods were lasting 12 days so this was a problem. So I actually think it could be the ibuprofen delaying your period if you have started taking it already. ... (4 replies)

... Hello! I'm hoping to get some insight from those who have delayed a period with a Triphasic BC. I'm on Tri Previfem, and next week, we leave for a vacation that will involve a lot of physical activity (hiking and walking around state parks). During my normal periods, I usually experience mild to moderate fatigue and moderate (sometimes bad) headaches. While it only lasts... (0 replies)
... every womans body is different, and reacts differently. i can only tell you my story of the past few weeks... i will say this to anyone that asks >> dont change anything, i feel like it'll turn out worse - it happened to me, i thought it was simple fix to delay my period simply by continuing to take my microgestin and it turned into 2 weeks of a worse period than i ever had -... (1 replies)
... she can prescribe a progesterone pill that is designed specifically for delaying periods. I have used this several times in the past when I have had important trips to go on. ... (8 replies)
Delay period 1 day
Aug 21, 2009
... There is some good info in teh Yasmin package insert about delaying periods. It says in there that you do not have to delay for the whole month. ... (2 replies)
... ou're a day 1 starter, meaning you started the pills on the first day of your period. This is a correct way to start the pill. It also means that you will have 2 periods this month, The period you were having when you started the pill as well as the period you will get during the last week of the pack. ... (3 replies)
... I'm sorry if this has been discussed over and over on this forum. This is my first time trying this, and I'm a bit nervous. I've been on Yasmin for a couple months now. Not sure if I'm happy with it, because I seem to always have minor cramps, all month long. But that's another topic. :cool: I'm going on vacation in Mid-September, and naturally, that's when my placebos... (0 replies)
... that's actually exactly what i was thinking of doing :D just wanted to make sure i wasn't the only one thinking it would work haha thanks so much.. i feel a lot better now :) (3 replies)
... If you want to just delay them for a week all you need to do is continue taking your active pills for an extra week (when you would normally be taking your sugar pills) then when you are ready to have your period again, stop them for the week. In other words, you will be taking your active pills for 4 weeks instead of the usual 3, taking your sugars for 1 week then back to... (3 replies)
... someone? please? i really need to know... :confused: (3 replies)
... I had been on levora from the time i was 16 until 18, then seasonique for 6 months (18 to mid of 18th year), off birth control with normal periods until 19, and then back on seasonique for 3 months, after that three months i stopped the pill had a light but still evident period and then switched back to levora (the doctor recommended i switch back as the seasonique had started... (0 replies)
... I posted this in the wrong area I thinkÖbut here it is againÖ In the past, Iíve always taken the pill without the sugar pills, in order to skip the normal monthly periods. This never really happened successfully, as per my other posts on here, but Iíve just gone off the pill totally after taking it for 7 weeks, and no period has appeared. Iím still just spotting exactly the... (3 replies)
... They should due a study on me! My acne never came back. The only concern i have is wondering if they are delaying menopause for me. The bc pills out today are much lighter than what I took yrs ago. My daughers have tried otho... ... (3 replies)

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