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... When I was little, probably no more than 7, I experienced a severe UTI. It was so bad and got so much worse that I ended up having to go to the hospital so they could empty my bladder. ... (0 replies)
... I'm 19 years old and have been on birth control for about 2 and a half years. I'm currently on Junel Fe and have been for the past year or so. I have never missed a period before so I am a bit worried. ... (0 replies)
... This is my first month of taking birth control, and I have three days of the sugar pills left. ... (1 replies)

... Horrific for me as well. I was on it for 2 years. I didn't get my period at all while on it, which I did love. But, I stopped Depo to try for another baby, and that didn't come easy. ... (10 replies)
... when you said that you have not taken the inactive pills for a while, do you mean that you are in the middle of a pill pack but take them regularly each month, or do you mean that you have skipped some of your periods by skipping the inactive pills and going on to a new pack? ... (3 replies)
... so i got my period during the second week of my birth control pack, which is obviously not quite right. it was not breakthrough, it was almost like a normal period. ... (4 replies)
... I went off my pills 4 days ago. This morning I started my period. I had no clue on if I should have finished the pack of pills or not, but I just stopped like 4 days into them. I had just ended my normal period last week and now I have another one. ... (28 replies)
... I'm on Lutera wich is the generic of Alesse,been on it for a year now and like it a lot. No weight gain from it and a very light period for 1 day only!! ... (1 replies)
... I just thought that I'd write you back since I've been on both Ortho Tricyclen and Tri Sprintec, and for me, I couldn't take the generic, Tri Sprintec. I ended up having a period for two weeks straight while I was on that, so I was switched back to Ortho. ... (25 replies)
... When I was a teenager, the first form of birth control I used was the pill. It was simple, and besides missing a few days, once in awhile, it worked great. ... (2 replies)
... I have been having problems with long, heavy and frequent periods since I was a teenager. In my late teens I was on many different kinds of birth control pills and after a few months on each I would have bleeding issues and need to change brands. ... (5 replies)
... in boyfriend was my first, and it seems I've been having nothing but problems since I lost my virginity... ... (8 replies)
... I'm confused...the placebo pills ARE the sugar pills. A placebo is a "fake", something you take in place of the real thing. The fourth week of pills in Mircette are "placebo" or "sugar" pills. While five pills in that week DO contain a tiny amount of estrogen, it is just to prevent estrogen withdrawl symptoms, and aren't necessary to take. Did you take all 21 hormone... (6 replies)
... I started Mircette 3 weeks ago and ended up having severe depression and vaginal dryness! ... (6 replies)
... July 6. I took the amoxicillin the best I could every eight hours three times a day but ended up having to go two days over and took one amoxicillin pill on July 7 and one amoxicillin pill on July 8. ... (1 replies)
... possible spontaneous abortion was caused by getting pregnant on birth control. Not every woman that ends up pregnant while on the pill will experience this, but you are much more likely too. ... (3 replies)
... I too have had horrible luck in the birth control department. ... (6 replies)
... I went on Depo after having my first child. It sounded like the "dream" birth control. Well, when it sounds too good to be true......question it. For some, it has worked wonderfully.......but for others, like myself......... ... (21 replies)
... on my feet. I ended up getting High blood pressure too. ... (3 replies)
So dissapointed
Jan 15, 2007
... renthood in my area. I don't have health insurance because i am not married and chose to stay home with my child after birth. I cannot handle the hormones in the birth control pills. ... (5 replies)

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