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... c I make enough estrogen, but not enough progestin, and that Kariva would work better for me. My gyn also mentioned that I might also have some spotting on this pill, as well as I might even skip a period or two. Have you had any of these symptoms? ... (24 replies)
... Hi everyone, I am on week 4 of my first pack of Kariva(generic for Mircette). My period is heavier than usual and I'm cramping:mad: . To make matters worse, I had a bladder hydrodistention on Tuesday. My bladder feels better today, but the menstrual cramps and bleeding are awful. Has anyone else experienced heavier bleeding with this pill or when starting a new pill? Any input... (11 replies)
... It is normal. But, if the bleeding doesn't improve by the end of the next pack, definately let your prescriber know. You probably need a stronger dosed pill. (1 replies)

... I'm 2 weeks into my second pack of Kariva (generic for Mircette) and I've been having pretty bad BTB the entire first pack and now the second pack too. I think the week before my placebos of the last pack was the only time I didn't have it, then got my period, and now BTB constantly. I have to wear a tampon, and it's getting really annoying, but I am really happy with this... (1 replies)
... Has anyone here had any break through bleeding problems with Kariva (generic for Mircette)? I'm about to start it, and I'm thinking of putting off starting it this month to avoid BTB problems, I have a bunch of important functions this month and I don't want to deal with any BTB! :) Thanks! (3 replies)
... I believe Kariva is the generic for Mircette. ... (24 replies)
... isn't kariva the generic for mircette? ... (2 replies)
... Kariva is generic for Mircette. ... (24 replies)
... Thanks for letting me know! I believe you're right!!!! ... (24 replies)
... which is good and my weight is stable, no noticeable weight gain. I don't get the water weight gain the week prior to my period and I do not have huge cravings for food the week prior either which is very nice. ... (48 replies)
... I understand completely! At my last OBGYN appointment my doctor put me on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo due to my inability to tolerate higher doses of hormones and severly decreased sex drive. However, much like you I found it too burdensome to pay such a high copay every month so I had her change my Pill. She switched me to Apri-28 Tab generic for Desogen-28 and dropped my copay from... (1 replies)
... Yes, that is corret, it is generic for Mircette. I have taken both of them and really like them. They are a lot lower dosage than other BCPs so the side effects aren't as bad. ... (24 replies)
... I have been on BC for about 10 years. I started on orthocyclen for the past 9. Last year I tried Nuvaring and alls I have to say is, I will never use it again. ... (48 replies)
Started Kariva
Jun 26, 2007
... Kariva is the generic version of Mircette. I was on it a few years ago, and I LOVED it! ... (1 replies)
... cyclen to Kariva. I've never heard of Kariva, and I've been trying to find out a little about the pill. I believe it's the generic form of another BCP, but I'm not sure which one. Has anyone who's ever used this had any good experiences, any bad experiences? ... (24 replies)
... I started Mircette about 2 and a half weeks ago. No weight gain yet and no headaches. I'm also in college and was really worried about weight gain. I'm hoping for no weight gain when i switch over to generic soon. ... (2 replies)
... may 2010 because I was not in a relationship or sexually active. Then in May 2010 went on the kariva since I could not afford ortho lo. ... (1 replies)
... more energy, happier and slight weight loss. Other than that, the transition was almost undetectable. Took Estrostep for 2 years and Kariva for 3. Hope you have a similar experience! ... (1 replies)
... Kariva is the generic version of Mircette. In the literature that comes with the pill it states that this form of hormone desogen there is some increase in risk of blood clots. ... (7 replies)
... So I have been on kariva (generic Mircette) for almost two weeks and I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to expect. What happens when I take the placebo (light green pills) There are two of them? And most of all what is supposed to happen when I take the blue pills that are the last five days of the pack? I told my doctor that I wanted to stop periods and I... (0 replies)

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