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... red spotting and very very light cramps. ... (1 replies)
... However, after using the bathroom last night, I noticed light pink streaks on my underwear. As I said, I've been on the patch for almost a year and have never had spotting or breakthrough bleeding. ... (0 replies)
... I wouldn't automatically assume that you're experiencing implantation bleeding. Spotting can happen at any time and without much obvious reason. It doesn't mean that anything is wrong, or that you're pregnant. ... (3 replies)

... and we had unprotected sex April 20 and 21. Yesterday evening I woke up from a nap with a sharp pain in my stomach that went away within minutes and later found light pink spotting. Today I'm still having light pink spotting, only when I wipe and no pains. I guess my question is..what is going on with my body? ... (3 replies)
... (4 replies)
... was due around Dec. 20 and to this day, I haven't gotten what I would call a "period." I woke up the morning of Dec. 27 with horrible cramping only to find very light pink spotting and it went away further in the day. Then on Jan. 2 the same thing happened. ... (4 replies)
... Since you didn't start your pack on Sunday, you didn't take the pill "perfectly." Pregnancy is always a small possibility, and it's a small chance that not starting your pill on time could have cause ovulation, and eventually pregnancy. However, it's unlikely. It's more likely that you started bleeding because you were late in starting your pill packet. And no, it "doesn't... (4 replies)
... After I had bd on monday I got some light pink spotting, then had light light brown discharge for a few days which I think was just break through bleeding from taking my pill so late? ... (4 replies)
... rmacist seemed to think I should not have any bleeding or rebound period since I only took two pills. Yet, here I am four days later and this morning I had large light pink spotting. Then some spotting of red blood and some brown this afternoon. ... (0 replies)
Diane35 question
Apr 8, 2009
... and sunday my period finished. After that everything was normal, except for wednesday when I feel kinda itchy down there and when I urinate also AND I have very light pink spotting when I wipe. Is this normal because i just started the pill and the dose of hormones is really high compared to the pill i use to take.. ... (0 replies)
... Thank you for your response, I actually missed around 10 pills (after the event w/ hubby), so I knew it was way too late to double up. I am still waiting for it to arrive and I am 6 days late now. I had some very light pink spotting last night and again today (pinkish/brown), but it was nothing like a period or beggining of a period. I am just waiting for my AF to arrive,... (4 replies)
... Cat, what a pain in the butt! Good thing you realized. Hope its all straightened out for you and that you and I both get a break with this bloating. All these side effects are constantly freaking me out into thinking Im pregnant! That would be the main issue of not getting your period on loest, it would make me so paranoid. Im dealing with a new issue tonight, yay! Im... (45 replies)
... actually your body really doesnt start to adjust till the 3rd month. I was also spotting on my 3rd and 4th months but then it went away! ... (2 replies)
... I was on Alesse and was fine until my third month as well, which was when everything started to freak out. Horrible cramps and spotting, then heavy bleeding, etc. I switched to Nuvaring and have been fine since. So from experience, yes, your body could still be adjusting to it. (2 replies)
... Implantation bleeding is pretty uncommon, too. Seriously, your chances of pregnancy are very slim. (3 replies)
Trusting the pill
Jul 12, 2005
... I've beenreally stressed out about this and this morning I woke up with light pink spotting. ... (5 replies)
... it's light pink and I've never had this before... ... (3 replies)
... Hello there! I am sorry to hear that you are having such issues. I have experienced similar things in the past. That said, if I were you, I would go to a clinic or a Gynecologist and ask them these questions. No one on here is a doctor and if they are, they cannot give medical advice over the internet. I am sorry about that. I can, however, give you some general... (1 replies)
... very light pink with some specks of dark brown. I felt around for my ring, just to check on it, and couldn't find it! ... (1 replies)
... I have been feeling PMS symptoms since last Thursday. They have dwindled down like I am suppose to start my period. Today I only feel the lower back pain. The light cramps, frequent urination, and soar boobs have gone away. ... (2 replies)

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