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... might shorten my days of bleeding and decrease PMS symptoms. ... (45 replies)
... placebo of my second pack right now. I have been having TERRIBLE breakthrough bleeding. I have always had very painful cramps that lasted about 2 days. I started bleeding and the cramps last thursday and the pain has gotten worse every day and the bleeding is just as heavy if not more heavy than my normal period. ... (7 replies)
... Im almost at the end of the pack of my third month. So far I do like the Loestrin 24. I did have that breakthrough bleeding this month. ... (7 replies)

... Haha, knowing that someone else went through the same thing actually puts my mind a little more at ease. I was going to give it until Saturday or maybe even until after I finished this pack to see if things would change, but I wasn't sure if it was the smart thing to do. But, knowing your experience, I think I will just be patient and see what happens. Thanks a bunch!! ^_^ ... (6 replies)
... Right now I'm on my second pack or Loestrin 24. The first pack I had some breakthrough bleeding and spotting also about the second week into it. ... (6 replies)
... I was put on Loestrin 24 Fe a little more than a month ago, and I'm hating it. ... (1 replies)
... to induce period and Loestrin 24 Fe to make periods regular. Spotting stopped as soon as I took Provera. ... (3 replies)
... I would make an appointment to see you doctor. They probably won't be able to diagnose it just yet - but atleast you can make them aware of the problem. I was on the pill for years and suddenly began bleeding rather heavily (many years ago). The doctor gave me a different pill - which, didn't make sense to me...but I'm not a doctor. After several months, the bleeding... (1 replies)
... I've be on Loestrin 24 Fe for about eight months now, and in general, I'd say that I'm very happy with it. ... (1 replies)
... First time on the pill. My Dr. game me a two-month supply of Loestrin 24 FE to try, but a Rx for Microgestin (cheaper for generic). I like the 24 days of active pills for the shorter period (which I haven't been able to 'enjoy' yet, as I haven't been using it for three months yet. I had 'bleeding' for 11 days last month. Nothing heavy, but just inconvenient). My question... (2 replies)
... Eeek. And to think...Yaz was what I really wanted to go on; when it was called Yasmin, though. I think I'll stay away from it now. Thanks. >_< (6 replies)
... Hey- i went on YAZ and had the same issue. bleeding and bleeding extremely heavy at times(and the worst cramping ever) witch sucked becasue i thought yaz was shorten lighten and get rid of cramps. all i did was spot and bleed on that really low dose pill. and i also reacently became sexually active. I couldnt handle it, started getting really weak and it just got me down... (6 replies)
... and severe anemia. I started on Iron pills, just to get the anemia to go away. But the cramping and heavy periods continued. My primary care physician put me on Orthotricyclen, for about two years, it did not work at all. ... (5 replies)
... When in call to get your questions answered. Your health is too important to take risks. Warm hugs, lobolee (1 replies)
... I was put on Lo Loestrin Fe about three weeks ago. I have been having heavy bleeding ever since, so I called the doctor. He told me to take 4 pills for 4 days, 3 for 3, and so on. ... (1 replies)
... I took Yaz for two years, I had a heavy period and bad mood swings. So on yearly check up, I switched to Loestrin 24 Fe. ... (2 replies)
Early period
Feb 20, 2007
... I have been on Loestrin 24 fe for almost two months far everything has been fine for the most part until this week I had bleeding almost as heavy as a period and slight cramping like a period that has lasted 4 and half days so far. ... (1 replies)
... days is normal for me. Some months very heavy some are normal but I always have spotted. ... (2 replies)

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