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... I used Lo/Ovral and didn't find a surge in my libido (I was also suffering a low libido). However, my experience shouldn't deter you from at least trying Lo/Ovral for a few cycles to see how it affects you. (5 replies)
... Lo Ovral 28. I was on this pill back about 3 years ago for about 6 months and remember having no problem at all. ... (8 replies)
... A_Moore: If you do give Low-Ogestrel (or Lo/Ovral) a try, please post a "review" in the future. I have been on Seasonale for almost 2 weeks, and I have been getting a bad headache around the same time of day for almost a week. I may need to look into trying something different even if it does help with my heavy periods. I'm curious to see if Low-Ogestrel will work better for... (7 replies)

... Ovral and for my next 3 month supply the gave me low ogestrel the genric form. Hopefully I won't have any problems with it. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. ... (1 replies)
... i just started my 5 month of lo ovral! i take the generic low ogestrel, but needless to say , its the best experience ever compared to the YAZ i was on before. ... (2 replies)
I LOVE Lo-Ovral!
Sep 19, 2006
... Lo-Ovral has 30mcg of ethynal estradiol... which is more than Alesse, and the same as two weeks of Triphasil (according to, the second week of Triphasil takes you up to 40mcg of estrogen)... but 30mcg is still considered a low-dose birth control pill (anything under 35 mcg is). I do think you were misquoted that the pills you were on had varying hormones in... (6 replies)
I LOVE Lo-Ovral!
Jan 1, 2006
... Ovral. It is still a low hormone pill, but has a consistant amount of hormones at ALL times. Since the first week I took the pill I noticed a difference almost instantly. ... (6 replies)
... I will be switching to Low-Ogestrel beginning tomorrow and was wondering if anyone was taking the form of BCP and had anything to share? I am switching to this from Seasonale, which was horrible!! The btb lasted for the last 2 months. I was on Desogen before that with no major side effects except that my period was very heavy the first 3 days with bad cramps and so my doctor... (7 replies)
... Definitely go for the generic! Low-Ogesterl is the generic for Lo/Ovral and with my insurance I only pay $4 a pack!! Big time savings! (7 replies)
... You are correct! Sorry about the mixup. I was misinformed about Low-Ogestrel and Lo/Ovral being the same as Seasonale; however, I did find out that Portia is the same. I bet I'd save a ton of money if my doc prescribed Portia (generic for Nordette) to use continuously. (7 replies)
... You're welcome, Liz, and glad to hear that you're supplementing with these things, it's so important, especially when you're on the pill. Every woman is different in her reaction to a given pill, though. Usually, but not always, the B complex will help with the mood stuff. I've just read so much bad things on this board about Yaz and Yasmin, it's ridiculous. I would never... (8 replies)
... ning I take a multivitamin, vit B complex, 500 mg of vitamin C, and a cranberry pill. So, I don't think that is the reason for my mood swings. When I was on Lo Ovral back a few years ago, I wasn't taking the Vit B complex and still had no mood swings. ... (8 replies)
... Hello, I have been on ortho tricyclen for about 2 years now but I have had bad spotting for the past 4-5 months so my Dr. just switched me to Low-Ogestrel, which is generic for Lo Ovral-28...I am starting it this Sunday and was wondering if anyone is on this or knows anything about it?? I haven't seen any posts on this kind so far...just want to know if anyone has had any side... (6 replies)
I LOVE Lo-Ovral!
Sep 22, 2006
... two months, and I swear it is the miracle pill. It does not have extremely high amounts of estrogen, anything under 50 mcg of ethynil estradial is considered a low dose pill. I hope you continue to like it as much as I do! ... (6 replies)
I LOVE Lo-Ovral!
Sep 22, 2006
... two months, and I swear it is the miracle pill. It does not have extremely high amounts of estrogen, anything under 50 mcg of ethynil estradial is considered a low dose pill. I hope you continue to like it as much as I do! ... (6 replies)
... I am on Lo Ovral and have a really low sex drive as well. It also makes me very cranky and moody... ... (5 replies)
... Ovral because I was having problems with low sex drive on Alesse. Has anyone else used this pill and was it a good or bad experience? ... (5 replies)
... Hi Cooper! I can tell you that my daughter just stopped taking Low - Ogestrel. She had been on Aviane initially, but had breakthrough bleeding, so switched to Low-Ogestrel. In a 2 month period of time, she has gained 10 pounds. She exercisies regularly and eats healthy, so this is the only change in her life. That, along with an increase of at least an entire cup size,... (8 replies)
... Ovcon 35: low progestin/high estrogen activity. monophasic alternatives: alesse has both low estrogen and progestin activity, ortho-cyclen,trivora has low progestin, intermediate estrogen (levora, lo-ovral, these 2 may have higher progestin activity than ovcon 35) triphasic alternatives: ortho tri cyclen lo (1 replies)
... *UPDATE* I just wanted to write and update everyone on my switch to Low-Ogestrel. I have been taking the pills for 1 week now and can already see a difference (so can my fiance!). First and for most the bleeding has stopped! I had a pretty normal period after coming off of Seasonale and once I started Low-Ogestrel the bleeding stopped almost immediately. As for the... (7 replies)

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