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... Hi there! I can definitely understand some of your concerns regarding birth control. It really is quite tricky finding the perfect fit. I hated the Pill, which is why I was not on for too long. ... (8 replies)
Vitamin B + BCP
Sep 18, 2007
... I've heard that the birth control pill depletes Vitamin B. I've noticed many mood swings lately, and I was wondering if anyone can speak from experience on whether or not adding Vitamin B helped balance out the moodiness. ... (4 replies)
... The main downside is the depression and moodiness. I am considering going off birth control totally, because I can't handle how it has changed my personality, but does anyone know of a pill that may not change your moods as much or make you gain weight? ... (6 replies)

... I've actually tried this and it does work good. ... (3 replies)
... Josh, Don't worry there are other birth control pills that won't make your fiance so emotional. Yasmin is notorious for moodiness. Good luck and keep us posted. ... (5 replies)
... I hate Yasmin. I swear its made my moodiness worse! Bah. I didn't like the ortho either. ... (9 replies)
... I was on a variety of different brands over the last 15 years. I quit last year and took my last pill on the last week of June. My first week off the pill, and the week of my last withdrawal bleed, was the first week of July. ... (5 replies)
... or a magnesium supplement every day and see if that helps the moodiness. Birth control pills deplete many of the B vitamins along with magnesium, which can cause mood problems. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for the replies. I haven't experienced any breakthrough bleeding as of yet. The moodiness is the biggest issue for me. Its like I have really bad PMS. ... (5 replies)
... My only advice to you is to record any side effects and watch yourself for moodiness that is out of the ordinary. I have a history of depression so I am not sure if this current bout is due to the past history of the mirena. ... (13 replies)
... Well, if you are taking only the active pills and skipping the inactive pills, of course, you won't have a period. That is how women skip periods on the pill, by not taking the inactive pills. ... (7 replies)
Going off of BC
Jan 25, 2007
... nday would have been the start of a new pack. So far, no withdraw symptoms to report. I'm prepared for anything. I can say I've seen an improvement in my mood, AND a desire to have sex with my husband again!!! ... (14 replies)
... depression that strained my was so horrible it caused me to quit hormonal birth control altogether. ... (8 replies)
... s. But I was expecting that from reading the info that came with it. But in the second month the breakthrough bleeding started. I'm on my 5th week of bleeding and I'm not sure if that means it's not working. I'm only planning on being on this for another 2 months, but I was wondering how long the bleeding typically lasts. ... (8 replies)
... cramps and moodiness with my cycle. I am on Alesse birth control and notice that this is the time when I freak out. I have never been depressed or diagnosed with depression, but I just feel crazy sometimes. ... (4 replies)
... alot of the birth control methods have the same side effects all of which are hightened if your over weight or smoking. ... (4 replies)
... years and I have not gained any weight at all. That was my main concern when starting birth control. But I have had other side effects from estrostep that are just getting worse like migraines and moodiness but other than that it's fine. ... (15 replies)
... The moodiness and depression could be from a lack of B vitamins. Birth control pills deplete many of these vitamins. Some pills are worse than others with this. ... (3 replies)
... Breast tenderness and maybe headaches, too, are normal with any pill and go away with time. The moodiness is caused by a depletion of B vitamins. All birth control pills deplete these vitamins and can cause mood problems in some people because of it. Taking a B complex vitamin usally helps. ... (2 replies)
... Some women do experience larger breasts on hormonal birth control, due to water retention and the effect of estrogen. ... (4 replies)

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