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... Ok bear with me because this is long. I first got my period at 12 years old. ... (0 replies)
... Two weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a guy but only for like 1 minute. He didn't ejaculate in me. ... (9 replies)
Feb 19, 2007
... weeks from when you had intercourse. If your period shows up in the meantime, you are not pregnant, and there is no need to do a test. ... (5 replies)

Skipping Periods..
Sep 27, 2006
... Alright well I've been on Birthcontrol for straight 4 years and i got off for about a year and now im back on it. the question is.. I was on Alesse.. ... (0 replies)
Feb 20, 2006
... Okay i started taking ALESSE brand birth control a year ago. Well they are supposed to be the lowest hormone available. ... (3 replies)
... Last month i got my period early by one week. I have not missed any pills for at least 6 month and take it the same time everyday. My period lasted for 2weeks. ... (1 replies)
... The the packet of information that came with your pills. It should tell you what is considered a "missed pill" or a "late pill" and what to do in each situation. ... (2 replies)
... i am on Alesse and up until last week i took it religiously at 4pm every day... the latest i'd ever been taken it was an hour late accidently a few months ago.. i've never been bad about taking the pill on time... ... (2 replies)
... I've been on Estrostep for about 7 or 8 months now and I have absolutely loved periods have come like clockwork and my period has been so light. ... (4 replies)
... I was 11 when i first got my period. it would last for 10 days and then i wouldn't have it for a week and then it would start again. ... (8 replies)
... Hi a few question for yall,even people not on tri sprentic,well i start it about a month and a half ago,2 weeks in i was spotting the brownish color but it stopped after about 4 days... then on my white pills... i had what i thought was my period.. ... (1 replies)
... Hello all i had my period last week for about 4 days... i started my 2nd pack of Loestrin 24 FE... now i am on my second week of the new pack and i have what i think is my period again... it cant be spotting because its red is not dark... ... (2 replies)
Quitting The Pill?
Feb 20, 2007
... pill. I'm worrying it's going to affect my fertility as we want to try for a baby soon. ... (22 replies)
... I stopped using the patch on my own for 2 months and then decided to go back on birth control. My periods stopped. I found out that your periods can stop for upto six months after suddenly stopping birth control. Anyway, my doctor wanted to wait until I had a period before inserting the ring. ... (6 replies)
Still bleeding??
Jul 24, 2006
... i just got yasmin and was told me start it the first sunday after my period started or the first day of bleeding... so i decided to start my pac the first day of my period, which was july 1st..... ... (2 replies)
... d the package insert that came with your pills. It will explain that spotting between periods is normal when first starting the pill. I can take up to 3 months for your body to become adjusted to the new hormones. ... (4 replies)
... so I figured that going on birth control would be really convinient since I would know exactly when my period would come. I just went through my first pack of Loestrin 24 and I got my period at the right time. ... (4 replies)
... Sorry, long post but hopefully a help to others in the same boat. I have just come through a nightmare 6 weeks and found little help about having a really hard time coming off BC. ... (10 replies)
... of all, every form of birth control can allow you to "skip" your period. But, many women are unable to skip periods, and end up spotting the entire cycle. It's a risk that you have to evaluate. ... (3 replies)
... You're on a triphasic pill, I'm assuming, which is why you have spotting during the same week every cycle. You might want to consider a monophasic pill, like Alesse, where the hormones don't vary from week to week. ... (4 replies)

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