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... th of this month. The reason I quote ovulating is because I know when on bc you don't ovulate but I started antibiotics on the 4th and missed 3 pills due to exhaustion and pure stupidity this time around. ... (1 replies)
... If she's on the pill, she shouldn't be ovulation. The pill PREVENTS ovulation. However, taking the antibiotic can cause ovulation. Since you recently had sex, there is a chance that she could become/is pregnant. If she doesn't get her period when scheduled, she definately needs to take a pregnancy test. (4 replies)
... Hello, I am just wondering how antibiotics interfere with birth control. I was on my last few days of my 4th week of Lo loestrin 24 when I started taking amoxicilin. ... (1 replies)

... the pack of pills to finish to be EXTRA safe, but I agree that it's probably 7 days after taking the antibiotics, since this would usually allow enough time for ovulation in case it does happen. I just go the rest of the pack just in case! I do wait until after a period and then I have sex again without relying on a backup method. ... (5 replies)
... I have spotting. So I am not convinced that something isin't going on. Now it might not effect ovulation but I'd rather be safe than sorry! ... (4 replies)
... antibiotic. The doctor put her back on it until she can get her tonsoles removed. So she has been on it pretty much all this cycle. So if she follows a normal ovulation time period... i would have nothing to worry about. ... (4 replies)
... Ok so I've been on Ortho Tricyclen Lo for about 3 years and never had a problem. Last month I was prescribed antibiotics for a UTI. I started the antibiotics during the week when I was in my period and taking the placebo BC pills. I continued to take my BC as normal. ... (2 replies)
... The pill is designed to prevent ovulation all together, so there shouldn't be any egg. ... (3 replies)
... hy the pill was invented was to inhibit ovulation. It's supposed to stop it from happening all together. Every once in a while, like when a woman is on certain antibiotics or if she skips too many pills in a row or takes them late too many times in a row, it could cause the protection properties of the pill to be less effective. ... (6 replies)
... in....I sure hope you are right. As I do research on the scares me even more. There are sooo many women out there that have gotten pregnant while using antibiotics with the pill. I just hope I am not THAT fertile. ... (6 replies)
... I have been on yasmin for several years. This past month I never missed any pills (or do at all for the record). I had a normal period, but a few days after my period I saw a blob on clear mucus on the toliet paper. I dont recall ever seeing this before (but maybe I have). I am wondering if this can be normal with birth control pills or maybe this is related to ovulation. I... (0 replies)
... Last night it was the first time that I had sex without a condom.Yesterday I took the 16th pill of my second pack of yasmin. I started taking the pill in the middle of my cycle after ovulation,but when I stopped the pills for my period to come it came!so I started my second packet on a sunday 7 days after my period. I guess the pill is effective now...right? The problem is... (0 replies)
... effective. This accounts for missed pills, antibiotics interfering with the pill's effectiveness, and just plain ol' breakthrough ovulation. ... (2 replies)
IUD failure ...
Nov 9, 2005
... If it can expel at any time, then if I had sex before ovulation and then it comes out I won't be protected and it can be too late for emergency contraception. ... (4 replies)
... use back up, I guess to cover themselves in case proof emerges to suggest the theory is correct. But the fact remains that there have been NO studies that prove antibiotics lower the pill's effectiveness, with the exception of the TB drug rifampin. ... (6 replies)
... If you start taking the pills on the first day of your period, you are protected right away and don't need to use condoms. If you start at any other point in your cycle, you need to take the pill for seven days before you can rely on it alone for birth control. They used to say you had to wait a whole month of being on the pill before relying on it alone, but research has... (9 replies)
... I think the pill is fine if you use it correctly and if you have to use antibiotics on the pill you need a back up method. There is no need to use a condom on the pill unless you think your boyfriend may have an STD. ... (16 replies)
... And just in case her doctor didn't tell her, antibiotics can lower the effectiveness. ... (3 replies)

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