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... Anyway, does anyone know if there are any medications out there that can help your body have regular periods with regular ovulation and all again? ... (5 replies)
... Many women have trouble getting pregnant after depo but also manyhave gotten pregnant right off it. how do you think people get pregnant while on it? ... (12 replies)
... No you don't need a period. You could ovulate first. If you do (and don't get pregnant), you'll get your period about 2 weeks later. But what could also happen, especially coming off depo, is you'll have some anovulatory bleeding while your body is trying to ovulate. Basically the lining builds up until either it can't sustain itself and sheds, or while its building up... (6 replies)

... I went on Depo after the birth of a child and was on it for 2 years and I too didn't get any periods while on it. ... (6 replies)
... The thing is i have been on the dreaded depo since sept 1998 my last shot was march 2004 and we are ttc but im not sure if i would have to wait to have a period to concieve or not. ... (6 replies)
... As for you saying depo is not the same as other BC why not? ... (12 replies)
... we decided to have a baby and got the ovulation kit and in two weeks got pregnant! all birthcontrol can have an effect on getting pregnant not just the depo. ... (11 replies)
... I can't answer your question about ovulation cause I don't know. I was never using it for birth control so it doesn't really matter to me. ... (4 replies)
... All hormonal birth control, including the pill, the patch, the shot and the IUD, trick your body into thinking it's already pregnant and it supresses ovulation to prevent your body from releasing an egg. ... (6 replies)
Depo Provera . .?
Oct 22, 2001
... Thanks for your insight whitewolf. I am not saying that the pill can cause you to become infertile. I am just saying that it CAN delay your period and ovulation for some time after coming off of them. I've had a few doctors tell me this even. ... (24 replies)
Depo Provera . .?
Oct 15, 2001
... nt to a doctor today and he said that after you go off of the bcp it may take a year or longer to have regular periods which means it makes it harder to time for ovulation and ultimately harder to conceive. I have been off of them now for almost three months with still no sign of a period. ... (24 replies)
... Some women do not menstruate on Depo because the hormone level is constant, whereas on the pill, there are 3 weeks of active pills, then a week of inactive pills. ... (2 replies)
Birth Control ?'s
May 17, 2005
... Depo Provera is 99. ... (1 replies)
... Thanx for that info, im not sure when they will return but i have puchased some 'vitex' to see if this may help. The doctors will see me mid 2006 if i still have not concieved but that seems like such a long time! (6 replies)
... Thankyou both so, so much, you have been a great help. Will look on the net for 'taking charge of your fertility' Thanx again - sammie p xx (6 replies)
... you can concieve before your next period, but if your periods are regular, it's easier to tell when you are ovulating...there are ways to check though, talk to your gyn or gp about those thermometers and different tests to tell. (6 replies)
... Anyone out there who knows the answer, please reply. Thankyou. (6 replies)

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