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... Does anyone use the pill to get their period every 2 months by skipping the placebo pills? ... (0 replies)
... you didn't read it, basically, I was on it for about 15 days and became VERY moody and emotional..crying all the time about nothing...and also had extreme nausea every night from 5pm until I went to bed. I couldn't even eat dinner at night because I felt too sick. ... (0 replies)
... It's really convenient to not have periods as often as normal. A week before my period would come, i would get UTI's pretty regularly. ... (10 replies)

... I have taken The Pill on 3 separate occasions. The first was when I was 22 years old and wanted to skip my period for a few months. ... (8 replies)
... done every 3 months, and the patch i think you change every 2 weeks. so i decided on the pill. ... (6 replies)
... In the last four years I've changed my birth control pill 3 times because of spotting in the middle of my cycle. It got to the point where I was getting a full period every 2 weeks! ... (0 replies)
... days from the first day of the withdrawal bleed. You could go straight back to 28 day periods or your period may be a little to a lot late. Some women go months before getting their first real period off the pill. ... (6 replies)
... I used to have TERRIBLE periods, they were a mess. Some months it would last for 15 days, some months I wouldn't get it, then it would come every 2 weeks...and the cramps were awful. ... (8 replies)
... around wed or thurs, i noticed a feeling of cramps, but not entirely the same. they'd be really sharp at first, and then they become a dull pain, and come and go every once in a while. i've never experienced anything like that before my period. ... (1 replies)
... Sorry, long post but hopefully a help to others in the same boat. I have just come through a nightmare 6 weeks and found little help about having a really hard time coming off BC. ... (10 replies)
... It did not help. I bled moderately for 14 weeks with no break. I did not get a 2nd injection. I had horrible mood swings, acne, and an immediate 15 lb. weight gain. ... (0 replies)
No PMS for 3 years
Jul 24, 2006
... months ago I started periods again after a 3 year hiatus. I am 25. ... (2 replies)
... This goes for the pill or any other method too as far as i can tell, they all reference periods as dates to start the medication. ... (4 replies)
... ot to worry if that happens because it's very common. So my first one was 28 days later and I had literally NO cramps! It was so great! I really hoped that my periods would always be this pain free! ... (5 replies)
... discharge from delivery had stopped. 2 weeks later I started bleeding heavily, passing very large clots at times. They did an ultrasound on me and found nothing. ... (1 replies)
... My nightmares had gone away after about 2 weeks, I think it was just my body reacting a little to the new pills. ... (7 replies)
... Yeah I agree. I get my periods anywhere from every 2 to 3 months and it is very annoying. Sometimes it is very heavy and sometimes it is very light. I never can tell. ... (4 replies)
Abdominal Swelling
Jun 10, 2006
... You're probably seeing water retention. It's a common side effect of birth control pills. Yasmin and Yaz are to help eliminate the water retention, but it may not be working for you. Any chance you may have gained some weight? Have your eating or exercise habits changed at all? (6 replies)
... irregular periods the whole time. The only trouble was...I loved the pill in every other way, so I stayed on it, despite the bad periods! ... (6 replies)
... wear off. Over a longer period of time on the same brand of BC pills, a womens body can become to immune to the hormones. Most doctors suggest switching brand every 2 years. ... (2 replies)

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