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Tubes tied
Jan 19, 2009
... The only thing that is more effective than having your tubes tied is not having sex at all.....or having your ovaries removed, which no doctor would ever do for birth control purposes. I believe the failure rate is . ... (1 replies)
... two year old daughter together. I wanted to get an outside perspective and make sure I am thinking things through all the way with the decision I have made. I am having my mirena taken out next wed. because it has moved out of place and has been causing me a great deal of pain. ... (0 replies)
... I'm ok off topamax upto now only been on them 8 months though. the only side effects I've had are pins and needles in my hands feet and lips. and sudden weight loss of a stone in 8 month ( but I needed that after having 4 kiddies lol) My migraines are right sided it gets worse as day goes on by the end of the day I cant see out of my R/eye proper and if I bend or move suddenly... (15 replies)

... and it only effects my left side temple and eye. When they get so intense i just lay there and cry like a baby. I used to think i could tolerate pain especially after having 2 children with no pain meds and one of them was 9 pounds. but this is a pain i cannot tolerate. ... (15 replies)
... Tubal ligation is the correct term for having your tubes "tied". ... (4 replies)
... As far as pregnancy after a tubaligation.......yes it is possible.....however the pregnancy rate after tubaligation is small....but can happen. ... (2 replies)
... Just one of my random musings...I have read in a few sources that a woman can still become pregnant after tubal ligation, or "tying the tubes" as I guess it's better known as. ... (2 replies)
... im curious,... how did you mind switch from preventing pregnancy to getting pregnant and keeping it... Im havng a hard time imagining myself with kids, especially if im trying to prevent them... ... (20 replies)
... I know healthwise after 35 you're not supposed to smoke and be on the pill. I have 5 children already and am not PLANNING on having any more unless by accident! ... (6 replies)
... and it's a risk you take by having sex. I just figured that I woulsn't risk the pill again after what happened and I'm not done having kids so getting my tubes tied was out of the question too. I also tried Depoprovera and it kinda freaked me out not getting my periods... ... (20 replies)
... Michelle.........I don't take any bc pill, shots, patches, etc!!! If I knew that I never wanted anymore children, I'd have my tubes tied. I wouldn't mind another child. The whole thing is that I don't want to have to deal with infertility treatments, so on and so forth. ... (12 replies)
... nce i am at high risk for blood clots now... long story.... i am not suppose to be on any type of birth control with hormones really. the hospital didn't tie my tubes because here n benton harbor michigan you have to be 21 a month before you have your baby. well i was twenty one jan twenty six and had my youngest feb second. ... (3 replies)
... Ugh its only been 5 days after receiving the Depo shot and now I am feeling like I made a horrible mistake. ... (5 replies)
... So what I want to know is what people recommend when you have no intention of having children. The pill isn't it anymore, in my opinion. My mind goes to an IUD or an implant that goes in and I don't have to worry about for a while. ... (6 replies)
... ts, it's a sign from my body that I need to switch BC and let it bleed out what's been saving itself up in there. I took that advice and went on the pill and was pregnant 2 months later. I got my tubes tied after that. ... (2 replies)
... ent from a size 16 to a size 20. Also sense I have had the IUD I have had daily headaches, nausea, dizznes, bloating, cramping and my legs ache. I feel like I am pregnant all over again. ... (27 replies)
... To be honest, I am not really sure why they say that it is preferred that a woman have a pregnancy. I does not hurt your chances of having another child because you can start trying on your next full cycle and almost 100 percent of women get pregnant after using it. ... (13 replies)
... my dr. askign for alternative things to the pill and I am going to start on implanon, which is a 3yrd implant that is apprently more eeffective then gettign your tubes tied or a vasectomy...... ... (6 replies)
... days anyways so I can't help you there. I never had any side effects from it besides after having it in for 2 years and getting pregnant with it in. The doctor said I was a 1 out of 100 people to have this happen to. It was a real bummer! ... (4 replies)

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