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... I just recently started birth control about 3 months ago & a month later my husband got deployed he keeps asking me if he could ejaculate in me when he comes back off of his deployment:eek: It would be his first time doing so, but I dont want to get pregnant. Im only 18 & Im not ready to have a kid yet!!! I was wondering how great of a chance is there of me getting pregnant... (7 replies)
Pregnancy on pill
Sep 26, 2008
... what are the signs to look for if i become pregnant while on pill... ... (7 replies)
... The reason I'm asking is my concerns that you got pregnant while on the pill. ... (4 replies)

... it is possible still to get pregnant while on pill i got pregnant while i was on the pill and me and me ex used condoms! ... (9 replies)
... I was just curious because my Boyfriend and I are having a debate about whether it is safe or not to have unprotected sex while on the sugar pill right before my period. Is it possible to get pregnant during that time? ... (2 replies)
... about 1 in every 100 women become pregnant while using it. A friend of mine said that her mother was on 3 different kinds of birth control at the same time, and she still became pregnant. ... (20 replies)
... Are there ANY chances of getting pregnant while on the pill? ... (2 replies)
... Don't worry about it. You took a different brand of pill and you're having different side effects. That's what happens! ... (3 replies)
... SLEEPY, mild lower back aches, and mild abdominal pain. It was time for my period last Friday night. I did bleed on Friday night some, Saturday and some on Sunday and that was it. ... (3 replies)
... So I have taken the test and it came back negative. It's crazy what side effects you can get from taking a different brand of bc. I am going back on my original bc today. Thanks for your replys. ... (3 replies)
... sore breasts, mood swings, etc. After the pill, I don't have any PMS symptoms and the only thing I still get is cramps, but they are way better on the pill than without the pill. ... (2 replies)
... possible spontaneous abortion was caused by getting pregnant on birth control. Not every woman that ends up pregnant while on the pill will experience this, but you are much more likely too. ... (3 replies)
... Some women can experience bleeding while pregnant, but it's not a period. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I have been on the birth control pill Heather for three months now. ... (2 replies)
Trusting the pill
Jan 13, 2006
... I do feel that birth control pills are long as she is good at remembering to take her's on time. ... (7 replies)
... missing pills, starting a new pack late, vomiting or diarrhea before pill has absorbed into blood stream, etc. ... (2 replies)
... No. Many women have become pregnant while on birth control pills. ... (11 replies)
... How long have you guys been on the pill? ... (11 replies)
... yeah my bad sometimes you can oveulate on the pill more so if your on a POP but the point is most women don't have a regular monthy oveulation cycle when on the pill, once in a while ecape oveulation can happen but there is no oveulation day or really any way to track oveulation on birth control. ... (4 replies)
... then it's not effective, HOwever, i am wondering if you took your pill in the morning and vomited late at night, then this would have had plenty of time for the pill to go through my body and stay there, so that rule doesn't apply to me, can sombody just confirm this with me....please. ... (1 replies)

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