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... However they did prescribe Loestrin 20 saying that she could not have anything with a higher oestrogen content and that she was to come back immediately if she has any type orf migraine. ... (3 replies)
... Has anyone else experienced spotting while taking this pill, especially initially? ... (45 replies)
... I've read that a lot of women have experienced spotting while taking this birth control, and I was just wondering what it was like for you? ... (3 replies)

... Yeah, the lack of period thing is worrisome, though I guess it's "normal" on this pill. I get spotting most months, but have only had maybe three full-out periods since I started it about eight months ago. Overall, I like Loestrin better than any other birth control pill I've tried (Yasmin was the WORST), but it's... weird. (45 replies)
... gyn has put me back on birth control pills in an attempt to control my periods, and I am currently taking Loestrin 24fe. ... (2 replies)
... ve recently started taking loestrin 20 after being on microgynon for a while which totally disagreed with me. ... (0 replies)
... Yup! After my first period on Loestrin, I didn't have another one for 80 days! And since then, I've only had little light, spotting-like periods. And from what I've heard, this isn't strange at all, even though it makes me nervous.... (45 replies)
... Okay, I started Loestrin 24 fe about four months ago and no periods for me. ... (45 replies)
... I started taking it in the beginning of February on the Sunday after my period. No problems, period ran it's course. ... (7 replies)
... This is my first month on Loestrin 24 Fe, and my first birth control. My period has always been very irregular. ... (0 replies)
... cles then you probably have to switch pills. It has nothing to do with the effectiveness. It has everything to do with what the pill is causing your body to do while you're taking it, namely it's causing you to have spotting. ... (1 replies)
... So I have been taking birth control pills for over 3 years now, first Loestrin for a while and now Sronyx for the last year or so. I have always had a 28 day cycle, like clockwork, even down to the hour even before I was on the pill. ... (0 replies)
... al, but I've had all sorts of problems on the Microgestin. First of all, my oil glands have gone crazy. My whole life I've always washed my hair every other day. While on Microgestin, I am having to wash it every day because it is so oily. I also have had the worst breakouts I've ever had! ... (5 replies)
... Depends on what you are taking. I know on Loestrin 24 Fe periods for me went away compleatly and when I switched to the Generic of Loestrin 21 which is Microgestin 21 I had one period the first month that was one weekearly and lasted forever. Since than it has just been spotting. ... (2 replies)
... I went to my Gyn dr last month due to having heavy menstrual cycles, and spotting in between my periods. ... (3 replies)
... I have very light periods. Never any spotting or breakthrough bleeding. My periods are very predictable, and I have no cramps whatsoever. Before I started taking this pill I would be confined to my bed for two days a month with period woes. ... (19 replies)
... I just recently started taking the birth control pill, Loestrin 1. ... (8 replies)
... I can somewhat sympathize..I was on Alesse 25 mcg for a while for a hormonal imbalance, then I missed 4 pills in one week and bled for 2 months straight. ... (2 replies)
... ded to switch to a pill to see if it helps me lose weight and to help with severe mood swings that occur when I remove my ring every month. My doctor prescribed Loestrin 24FE... he said that since there are only 4 placebo days and it's the lowest dose available, it should help with my problems. ... (0 replies)
... I went from Loestrin 24 Fe to This BC and I didn't have a period before and then while switching I had one big long period. After that is was just spotting and than nothing. Im in about my 5th month now and I have cramps. DOes that mean that it is regulating to my body? ... (2 replies)

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