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... I was on ortho tri cyclen lo for about 4 years and i switched to sprintec two months ago. I believe I might of had a cyst before i started taking the ortho and when i started taking ortho the pain went away and never came back. I never had any side effects from ortho at all. ... (3 replies)
... Tri cylen lo and the drug store gave me the generic tri sprintec. lately i have been experiencing some sharp pains across my abdomen. has anyone else experienced this? ... (3 replies)
... I also switch for othro tri cyclen to tri sprintec the first pack i did not see a change at the end of the second pack have been spotting and some bleeding but light. ... (3 replies)

... I have been on tri sprintec for 5 months now and yeah the price is great but being on it really really sucks. ... (3 replies)
... Since vitamins and supplements aren't regualted by the FDA, it's unsure as to whether which ones interact with the pill. There are no clinical studies done on vitamins and supplements. However, I would think it unlikely. (2 replies)
... I'm been trying to do research on this online, but I'm getting alot of contradicting information.. I'm on Tri-Sprintec (Ortho Tri-Cyclen). I take 500 mg of Glucosamine, a multivitamin/mineral supplement, and am going to start taking a Vitamin E supplement. Although I'm pretty sure it's unlikely, will any of these interact with the pill? I'd rather just be on the extremely... (2 replies)
Late taking pill
Mar 12, 2005
... You're fine. A couple of hours isn't going to decrease the pill's effectiveness. (2 replies)
Late taking pill
Mar 12, 2005
... Yesterday I took my last placebo pill, (Tri Sprintec/Ortho Tri-cyclen) and I started a new pack today. I usually take my pill around 2pm. Today I lost track of time and took it at 5pm. Does this effect anything (more likely to get pregnant)? Should I just start taking my pill at 5pm now? (2 replies)
... I'm switching from Ortho Tri-Cyclen to Tri-Sprintec, and I was wondering do I need to use a back up method, like condoms, the first week of the Tri-Sprintec pack? I know its the same active ingredients since Tri-Sprintec is the generic version of Ortho Tri-Cyclen, so I'm thinking a back up method is not necessary, but I just wanted to double check since my pharmacist nor... (3 replies)
... Cyclen for a month, but my periods were lasting 5 days and my gyno wanted to change me to Sprintec because she said my periods would be shorter. ... (4 replies)
... Im asking for my daughter shes 23 years old and has been on Ortho-Tri-Cyclen Lo Tabs 28 for about 4 years with no issuses. Ortho Tri Cyclen is no longer going to be manufacturing this and she has been switched to Tri-Lo-Sprintec Tablets 28s "they" claim its the same but inactive ingredients are different. Has anyone else dealing with this and have there been any issues... (2 replies)
... The generics are chemically identical, so it doesn't matter what generic you get. They're all identical to one another, and identical to the brand. Using different generics will have no baring on your skin condition. (5 replies)
... I was switched from Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo to regular OTC in December because the Lo was horrible for my skin. However, due to insurance, I was given a generic form called TriNessa 28 by my Rite Aid Pharmacy, which I used in January. My body seemed to tolerate it well, but I still get acne! :rolleyes: Now that I am back at school, I have to use a CVS pharmacy to get all of... (5 replies)
... Well my doctor told me that if i kept bleeding after i started taking the active pills that it ment that i need the stronger dosage of ortho tri cycln. ... (3 replies)
... My g/f started her ortho and is on the inactive pills of the first pac (generic tri-sprintec) switching to Ortho. We are going out of town this weekend, she will have two pills left. Is it ok to go ahead and have sex? (2 replies)
... ok so i was taking ortho tri-cyclen lo for about three years. last month my gyno switched me to sprintec. im almost through my white pills and still have yet to start my period. i take the pills correctly, but me and my boyfriend do not practice safe sex. i have never been late or missed a period before. is this common when taking sprintec? or do i need a pregancy test? please... (1 replies)
... There isn't a difference. They are both generic forms of Ortho Tri-Cyclen and have the same ingredients. (1 replies)
... My sex drive is pretty much gone ever since I went on bc, I'm on tri-sprintec. I have no cramps at all and my periods are very light. I don't use tampons eaither. I am going to switch bc cause of the sex issue, my doc thinks that i should be on lower dose. so now i will be on orth-lo as well. We will see (7 replies)
... is any progress with you and Tri Sprintec. ... (5 replies)
... I am not 100% sure what you are asking but... If she took all 21 active pills perfectly. Then she is protected from pregnancy during the inactive week. If she is changing brands? It shouldn't matter as long as she starts the next pack up the day after her last inactive pill in the tri-sprintec. (1 pill every day! She should take the inactive ones so she doesn't forget... (2 replies)

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