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... NONE of them helped with my heavy bleeding. I spent my time being extremely jealous of all of the women who didn't get a period or had very light periods due to the pill. ... (2 replies)
... stop. I've never had problems with my period coming or going on time. My average is 6 days. I am very good about taking the pill every day. Last month, I started a week early but it lasted the average 6 days then stopped. ... (0 replies)
... not crying and i feel like myself again. 1 month is all it has been. i understand how you makes us more miserable than them. how did your periods do on alesse? ... (11 replies)

... AS for your period being light, that happened to me on Demulen. My gyno took me off of it eventually because they didn't get heavier. But I didn't like her very much, she often didn't know what she was talking about. ... (4 replies)
... months and then being off for 3 months my periods became extremely heavy and painful. So I did the Sunday start and my white pills are Wed,thur,fri,sat. I got my period mid day on Friday, so the 3rd placebo pill and it is very light with NO cramps! ... (137 replies)
... I've been on Levlen ED for three years now. And for the past few months I have been bleeding a lot more before my period is due. ... (3 replies)
... days before the placebos start, is very light until day 3 or 4 of the placebos and then heavier for a couple of days. Before BC my period would only be 4 days or so, so it seems that Alesse is making it longer, though overall lighter. ... (1 replies)
... I am currently on The patch. It makes my periods very light, and I know what day my period will start, and end, which is nice. ... (5 replies)
... I'm on a P.O. ... (5 replies)
... t I was supposed to take the placebo pills. So my doctor made it to where I skip the placebos for two months, then after the third month take the placebos. It is very common. In the pharmacy I work at, I see it a lot. I also got the thick brown discharge, and I had it for two weeks straight. ... (27 replies)
Birth control shot
Oct 10, 2002
... I just got my Depo shot about 2 months ago and I'm due for my second shot on the 28th. I have not gained any weight but have had continuous very light spotting which hasn't been bad. My period was 2 weeks late after the shot, it finally came and lasted a couple days and I've been spotting off and on. ... (13 replies)
Jul 31, 2005
... It's not good to just start and stop birth control like that. You haven't got your period because you've started and quickly stopped hormones. All birth control has potential side effect, but you need to deal with it, and eventually, the side effects subside. ... (1 replies)
... I've been on this particular pill for about 3 years, and before that I took Microgestin, the patch, and Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. ... (1 replies)
... I had a baby in August of 1994. After the baby was born, I decided that I wanted to go on some sort of birth control. I decided against the pill, since I have always been bad about taking pills, and after discussing it with my doc, I decided that Depo was right for me. ... (29 replies)
Jul 30, 2005
... I had been on birth control for a month when I recieved my period on June 11, 2005 which it was a normal period for me. I had no problems until the 8th day after my period stopped. ... (1 replies)
Depo Provera
Aug 26, 2009
... provera shot. I received the shot on June 18th and I am due again between the the 3rd and the 16th of September to receive my second shot. ... (3 replies)
Is this normal?
Mar 8, 2005
... I have been taking birth control pills for 2 months now. I posted last month about my period being very very light and mostly just brownish in color, which I was assured was normal. ... (1 replies)
... Hello all, I was curious of others experience with stopping Birth Control Pills and if you had problems AFTER taking them, like withdrawal effects.. ... (2 replies)
... Okay well both me and my girlfriend are sexually active, she is taking birth control prescribed by her doctor to regulate her periods. ... (3 replies)
... out there can help me. I am 19 and had Nexplanon inserted in August of 2012 so I have had it for about a year and seven months. I know that irregular bleeding is very common while using nexplanon however I am still a bit concerned about my situation because it started later not when inserted. ... (0 replies)

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