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... I take evening primrose oil with Vitex and never had a problem, and I know a lot of women take them together. ... (34 replies)
... I take 1000 mg of Vitex daily, all through my cycle. If you're TTC, you should stop it if you become pregnant but it is OK to take throughout the LP until you get a pos. ... (34 replies)
... The reason for this is that evening primose oil can increase your fertility whereas Vitex mostly helps regulate cycles. DH and I are not TTC right now, so I'm only using the Vitex. ... (8 replies)

... o ovulate after day 20, the first cycle it moved it to day 17, the next month day 13, and I've been ovulating at day 13 ever since. Many women have success with Vitex spurring on ovulation. It might or might not work for you but it's worth a try. ... (34 replies)
... Thank You for the replys! Is Vitex and Evening Primrose Oil available over the counter? ... (8 replies)
... Interestingly enough, I quit my pill at the end of June and had my last withdrawal period the week of 4th of July. And now, exactly 28 days later and no BCPs the entire time, I got my real period for the first time. ... (8 replies)
... I went to a health food store yesterday and bought Vitex. The owner told me not to take it during my period. She told me to start it after my period ends and then stop it the day I get my period. Does that sound right? ... (34 replies)
... i was on yasmin for about three years before going off in june. i didnt get my period for 9 whole months and i was really starting to freak out. i tried raspberry tea leaf, vitex, etc. i really didnt want to use provera... ... (34 replies)
... That's awful. Maybe you should try Vitex too. I'll let you know if it works for me. ... (34 replies)
... ymptoms of PCOS. My CM yesterday and today was creamy, not eggwhite. I'm just wondering how likely it is that I have anything wrong since I did have a normal period within 6 weeks of going off the pill. Is that a positive sign? ... (34 replies)
... It's now CD26 and still no sign of ovulation, although I am having a bit of eggwhite CF this morning. I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility on the weekend, it's an amazing book. ... (34 replies)
... I picked up an Omega 3-6-9 yesterday. I was going to get Evening Primrose Oil because I read that it can help increase CF production, but the label said not to take it if you were also taking Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex). Does anyone know why? (34 replies)
... 80 mg is a little low even taking three pills that's only 240 mg/day. Everything I've read suggests Vitex works best at a dose of 800-1000 mg/daily, but maybe you'll have luck with 240 mg. Good luck! (34 replies)
... I think what evening primose oil does is increase the quality of cervical mucus, making the mucus a more fertile medium for sperm to travel through. They would probably even sell it at Wal-mart. Also, I think it is supposed to help with PMS symptoms. Vitex is supposed to help to regulate your cycles. This one, if you're in a small town, you'd probably have to order... (8 replies)
... bad pms before and after period. Vitex will reduce hte effectivness of the pill, so you wont be covered for pregnancy. Its kinda like st johns wort in that sense. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, I was on the shot for five years and came off in march, have still had no period, however i have been told that vitex chaste berry (its a herbal remidee) helps to get your af started again, try these if you like, i have ordered some and hope they will help, the posts i have read on them show positive signs. Good Luck :) (4 replies)
... my friend has terrible cramps and mood swings every month, but when she started taking vitex she didn't even notice she was about to start her period. ... (4 replies)
Quitting The Pill?
Feb 20, 2007
... and no condoms the rest of the cycle because after ovulation is confirmed, your egg is dead and you can't become pregnant. ... (22 replies)
... It's not uncommon for you to have a completely normal period the first time and then have nothing again for a while. There's another message board where women are discussing that at length. ... (2 replies)
... My first real period came exactly 28 days later. ... (5 replies)

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