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... I am thinking about starting YAZ next week when my period starts, probably Thursday. ... (0 replies)
... I am starting bc for the first time soon. My gyno told me to take the first pill on the first day of my period. However, the pamphlet tells me I can do this, OR start the Sunday after my period begins. ... (4 replies)
... I just wanted to share my experience with Yaz with everyone since I've read so many negative responses on these forums. I was given samples of Yaz 6 weeks ago due to heavy bleeding and very painful cysts. I'm 33 yrs old and it was progressively getting worse. ... (22 replies)

... speaking of, this 'Sunday starter' business is confusing, do they mean start your period or start your pills? ... (3 replies)
Yaz symptoms
Mar 28, 2008
... this is a long post, but I'm hoping to share and gather info on my experiences with starting Yaz. I am starting my second pack of Yaz on Sunday. My doc put me on it for endometriosis. ... (23 replies)
Yaz advice needed
Jul 10, 2008
... morning. i was reading the information that comes with it and saw that you can either start on sunday or the first day of your period, but i noticed that to ensure i never have my period on fri, sat, or sun, i should start taking the pink pills on a friday. ... (2 replies)
... I'm new to birth control and my doctor gave me YAZ to try and see how I like it. I haven't started it yet because I read that it has to be started on the first day of your period. So, my question is, how do you like YAZ and what side effects have you had while taking it? ... (13 replies)
YAZ Birthcontrol
Aug 6, 2009
... this is my first time on yaz also. i haven't really noticed any extreme side effects... ... (3 replies)
... I have not been on Yaz long enough to assess the mood issue. ... (2 replies)
... You don't HAVE to take your pill on Sunday. I've heard a ton of people saying this on here, but you can start taking your pill on the first day of your period, so you would only need ONE pill. ... (3 replies)
... Hi! First post here...hopefully I can get some input. ... (1 replies)
... f that I felt bloated all the time, was having night sweats and was very tired and felt anxious. At my yearly pap I told my gyno about this, and she suggested I start on Yaz. ... (1 replies)
... i just started trivora last month and this is my second day of taking the last week's worth of inactive pills. i did a "first day start" and i was curious when i should expect my period? ... (1 replies)
... Day 1 start or Sunday start. ... (2 replies)
... With this method, you have to use a backup method of birth control for the first seven days of the first pack before your protected against pregnancy. ... (1 replies)
Bleeding on yaz
Jun 29, 2009
... I just started Yaz and i happened to start it on the first day of my period because I was told to start it sunday even if i had it. So my cycle went pretty normally, but then when its was supposed to be over, it wasnt. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, I never start my period until the night before I am supposed to start the new pack or the first day of the new pack. Like the pp said, continue taking it. But this is totally common with Yaz. ... (2 replies)
... for the first 7 days of the first pill pack. ... (1 replies)
... those side effects sound pretty typical, Every time I start a new pill I'm a psycho, it usually goes away after a month. Your suposed to start birthcontrol pills on either the first day of your period or the first sunday after your period. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I just started Kariva about two and a half weeks ago (I switched off of Yaz). I have no medical problems or other medications, as far as I know, I am a healthy 22 year old. I'm stressing out about when my period should come on Kariva. On Yaz, everyone I talked to said it came the first day of the new pack - but I can't find anything on Kariva and I hate that whole,... (0 replies)

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