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... I say this from experience. I started BC recently, I neverw anted to do it for years cause I was PARANOID about weight gain. ... (13 replies)
Yaz Birth Control
May 12, 2006
... s that I feel as if I have gained weight, my appetite has increased somewhat. I am weighing myself every day, and I will see at the end of the pack if I ended up gaining , losing weight, or none at all. If anybody else feels as if they are gaining weight, please let me know. ... (137 replies)
... does that mean i take my first yaz pill this sunday,july15? ... (1 replies)

... Yasmin and Yaz have a diuretic in it so that can help you loose water weight but not fat. It's trial and error with BCP what works for one person may make another gain weight. I was on Aleese for years. ... (10 replies)
... Nothing is guaranteed to make you loose or gain weight. Some people do better on Yaz or Yasmin because there is a diuretic in them. Still people have reported gaining weight on Yaz and Yazmin too. I changed pills from Desogen to Loestrin FE 24 and have had nothing but problems on it. ... (13 replies)
... ve never had oily scalp, or acne, or any hormone related issues on gaining weight or whatever. ... (0 replies)
... It's not so much weight gain as it is that your body got way too used to having the diuretic, which you're not getting anymore. ... (2 replies)
Yaz Birth Control
Jun 16, 2006
... I am finishing my first Yaz pack, taking the second white pill today and patiently waiting for my period. ... (137 replies)
... Has anyone actually gained weight after getting off bc pills? ... (2 replies)
... As for gaining weight on the pill some do some don't. Noone will know for sure if they will put on weight till they take them. There's no guarantee on that either. ... (11 replies)
... I'm about to start going on birth control but I am in fear of gaining weight because i already have to watch everything I eat and go to the gym on a regular basis and im still not the thinnest person in the world. ... (7 replies)
... lb. weight gain from 108lbs to 116lbs. While this amount of weight may not seem like a lot to some people, it is important for my varsity sport that I remain the same weight. ... (3 replies)
... Yasmin, and Yaz. Yaz has definately been my favorite out of all of them. I took it before my surgery with no problems. I would breakthrough bleed about once every 3 months. My Dr. ... (4 replies)
Aug 28, 2008
... yet I eat more then usual... but I've heard of other people gaining a lot of weight on this pill. The only thing I gained are breasts... they're definitely almost a cup larger, which isn't a bad thing. ... (5 replies)
Yaz--Weight gain?
Nov 27, 2007
... my derm put me on yaz for my acne about 4 months ago. Sadly i do think that i have gained weight. it's not a lot mayb 5 pounds but i'm really watching what i'm eating becuz of it. ... (3 replies)
... Yaz has a diuretic in it so the odds are you won't gain weight on that pill. I was on Loestrin FE 24 which also is a 24 day pill. The last couple of months I had NO period. I gained 22 lbs in the first 2 months. ... (6 replies)
BC and risks?
Jan 3, 2008
... And about the weight gain, my docter said that she personally takes yaz and she gains like 2 pounds a year or something like that, but i have a friend who actually lost weight when she started taking the pill. ... (2 replies)
Jun 23, 2011
... YAZ was my second choice, However got scared of gaining weight and getting acne or worried about hair loss, all the nasty things you hear people say, BUT DO KNOW THAT does NOT happen to everyone. ... (10 replies)
Yaz Birth Control
Jun 16, 2006
... I on currrently on my second pill pack of YAZ. I have to say that my weight has been pretty much stable, I am always gaining and losing 3 pounds from time to time, nothing extreme. The only problem is that my skin has really gotten worst since I started using it. ... (137 replies)
Yaz Birth Control
Apr 18, 2006
... Is anyone on Yaz birth control. It is a lower dose than Yasmin. My doctor said that it is suppose to clear up acne and she said tests on it shows women losing weight not gaining. ... (137 replies)

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