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... Hello to everyone! ... (1 replies)
... I am just curious when i should start taking my active pink pills in order to start my period on a sunday. I am switching from estrostep and am confused since Yaz has 3 extra active pills. ... (0 replies)
... Hello. I am on my third day of this month's period. I just received a YAZ prescription. When is a good time to start this prescription? ... (1 replies)

... r was prescribed Apri on November 2. She had never been on any form of BC pill and she is 17. Her period isn't due until November 17th'ish. I asked her doctor when she should start her pills and she said, "it is ok for her to start them whenever she feels like it". ... (3 replies)
... I am waiting for my period to start so I can start my first pack of Yaz. This morning when I went the bathroom I had a tiny bit of spotting on my undies and when I wiped the tp was pink but not much. I haven't had any bleeding since and have had lots of cramping the last few days including today. ... (1 replies)
... those side effects sound pretty typical, Every time I start a new pill I'm a psycho, it usually goes away after a month. Your suposed to start birthcontrol pills on either the first day of your period or the first sunday after your period. ... (3 replies)
... If this is your period coming down then yes you would start this Sunday. The pill is suppose to help regulate periods but I have always had one so I have no experience with using BCP to start periods or with hormone problems. Sorry I am not much help. ... (1 replies)
... Tomorrow is the first Sunday after your period started. As the directions tell you, you need to start tomorrow. ... (1 replies)
... When do I start taking the yaz? ... (1 replies)
... how long does yaz birth control take to start working when you start it after your period (2 replies)
... i am currently taking yaz and i have been on it for about two years. i'm usually really good about taking my pills on time and usually wouldn't mess with them. ... (0 replies)
... My doctor said to start it on the sunday after my mens so do i start the pills on the sunday that i'm on my period? ... (1 replies)
... With this method, you have to use a backup method of birth control for the first seven days of the first pack before your protected against pregnancy. ... (1 replies)
Jun 4, 2008
... I don't think that's what she is asking. I think the question was when to START the pill, not how to skip a period. Unless I'm missing something? ... (4 replies)
... what. I adjusted typically after the first week, but the pill can take up the 3 months for your body to adjust. If it's too much for her, though, talk to her doc and see if it's the right option for her. ... (3 replies)
Jan 10, 2008
... I went from being a nice 118lbs to a bloated 128lbs. None of my pants fit anymore and I felt and looked horrible. ... (4 replies)
... I just wanted to share my experience with Yaz with everyone since I've read so many negative responses on these forums. I was given samples of Yaz 6 weeks ago due to heavy bleeding and very painful cysts. I'm 33 yrs old and it was progressively getting worse. ... (22 replies)
... My doc wasn't too clear on which day to start and it seems a little more convultued since I'm coming off Yaz, which is a 24 day active pill regimen compared to 21 days with other pills. ... (0 replies)
Yaz Birth Control
Jun 27, 2006
... they are placebo pills with essentially nothing in them. When you start a new pack you may still be on your period, but I have found that if I am still on mine, starting a new pack typically ends it pretty fast. ... (137 replies)
... e been on it for 2 years now and my symptoms have been on and off. I feel more anxious, sometimes more irritable, i've definetly gained weight which i HATE, and when I tried to get off of it a few months ago I broke out like crazy, so I went back on. ... (10 replies)

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