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Hey guys/gals, I was just wondering if anyone could lend an opinion to if you think my blood test results are worrisome or not. My Doc signed it and said it was ok but once I took it home I realized I was outside of the normal ranges on a few things. Here they are:

Hemoglobin 145 g/L (normal)
Hematocrit 0.44 L/L (normal)
WBC 8.0 e9/L (normal)
RBC 5.68 e12/L (normal)
MCV 77 fL (low) normal range is 80-100 fL
MCH 25.5 pg (low) normal range is 27.5 - 33 pg
RDW 13.4 % (normal)
Platelet count 408 e9/L (high) normal range is 150-400

Everything else on the test was "normal," and my doc didn't seem to concerned.

I appreciate the help!!

PS I feel fine... It was just a routine blood test for my employer.

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