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[QUOTE=savanannastar]What were your symptoms??[/QUOTE]

At first I had pain in my calf, like a leg cramp. Then the pain traveled to my foot. I had a tingling sensation, like pins and needles. After an MRI, nerve conduction studies and blood work I was diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, similar to Carpal Tunnel but in the foot. Four days before I was scheduled to have Tarsal Tunnel Release surgery I woke in horrible pain. My leg was purple from mid-thigh down. I went to my podiatrist and he said "in the one in a million chance it's a blood clot, I'll send you to have an ultrasound done." I wish he would have tested that one in a million chance 6 months before that so it hadn't gotten as serious as it did. I didn't have Tarsal Tunnel.

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