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Re: Leiden Factor V
Apr 11, 2004
:wave: Hello. I was diagnosed with Factor Five Leiden, two years ago. I am a 31 year old, white female. Three years prior to being diagnosed, I fell on some ice. I injured my leg and pulled a groin muscle. I was off my feet for a long time. My leg never seemed to get better. The calf kept swelling up and it was painful to walk on. Finally, the doctor order some tests. He told me I had a deep vein clot in the leg. Treatment: six months of coumadin, get and stay more active, lose weight, no smoking or birth control pills (which I didn't mind. I didn't smoke, anyway or use birth control pills.) Six months went by, the clot was gone. The doctor said I didn't have to take the coumadin anymore. Everthing was okay. Then, six months later, I injured that same leg, again. The same symptoms showed up. I had another deep vein clot. That time I spent a week in the hospital on heparin iv and 6 more months on coumadin. I asked my doctor why i got another clot. He said basicly bad luck. Don't worry about it. So, I didn't. Then, I met my husband.
After 3 miscarriages, my ob/gyn sent me to see a specialist. That was when I was diagnosed with leiden factor five.
I thought i would never be able to have a child. But, the doctor said he didn't see any reason why i couldn't have a healthy baby.
He recommended that I come off the coumadin, and after i got pregnant, go on Lovenox for the duration of the pregnancy and a few weeks after, then return to the coumadin, if i needed to.
After that, I had a fourth miscarriage. My husband and I decided to continue to try to have a child.
The fifth time I got pregnant, I was placed on Lovenox early in the third trimester, after I had problems with pre-term labor. I spent some time in the hospital, but was allowed to go home on medication.
A few weeks later, I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy. He is perfectly healthy. He was tested for the leiden factor five and DOES NOT have it.
My doctor told me about some new research being done. Symptomatic people....those who have or have a history of the blood clots that have leiden factor five.....might benefit from having little filters put in their major veins and arteries so they don't have to be on medication like coumadin for a long time.
I am trying to find out more info about the procedure. I will pass it on when i get it.
But, please don't let anyone tell you a healthy baby isn't possible because you have it. WITH GOD EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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