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Hi there, becoming a little paranoid at the moment. I have previously suffered DVT and then PE (all in the past 4 months) The last couple of days my calf muscles are giving me pain, infact both my legs are in a lot of pain, they are warm to the touch and a bit swollen - also my shoulder is very tender. My doc says I am fairly theraputic at 2.4 (however my INR keeps dropping, so we up dose again etc.etc.) so says I could not get a blood clot. How accurate is this - is it IMPOSSIBLE to get another blood clot whilst taking warfarin. I just need to make sure...Thanx in advance, Cindy
I myself thought that taking coumadin would prevent future clots, the health care professionals aren't very clear, that is why we all have the internet to find out for ourselves! I have been taking coumadin for 3 months now, my levels are at present 2.3 which is a good thing or so I am told, but I still feel weird, I mean I was diagnosed with a 4 1/2 inch DVT in my left calf, but it doesn't seem to feel much different being on coumadin, I did have 8 lovenox shots in my stomach (of all places??) while I was in the hospital. Once I left, my levels were 1.9 so they thought it safe for me to leave and go home, only to end up in a bigger hospital the very next night with chest pains, so all those scans were done to rule out a clot that could have moved...thank god they didn't, but now my left foot is hurting really bad to where 750 mg of Vicodin doesn't even touch it and they say its from the blood pooling in my foot from the clot in my leg, but the pain in my foot is 100% worst then it was 3 months ago, thank god I go to see the doctor in a couple of days, but I had no idea that taking all of this stuff, we are still at risk of forming another clot, crap where does it all end? I got my clot from kicking a painting bucket in the dark, it started out as a goose egg on my shin...who would have thought about a blood clot at that time, I just wanted to pass out it hurt so bad!

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