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I have a bump the size of a half dollar on the backside of my left knee. It is like a delineated fatty bump. My leg is not swollen or discolored or warm. The bump does not hurt to the touch. I am concerned because it was not there before. I should mention that I had a hysterectomy 5 weeks ago and then I was readmitted a week later (for 12 days) for a pelvic abscess. I have been home now for 12 days and getting around so I was not on complete bed rest. I had been taking birth control pills for 3 months prior to my surgery in an effort to control my heavy bleeding.

I am about 70 lbs overweight but lost about 10 in the hospital and am wondering if fat can just collect in a bump like this? It's uncomfortable when I bend my knee because it's right at the base of my thigh.

I am scared.... :confused:

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