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OK, I'll thow my hat into the pile.

I'm a 37 yr old male (38 next month) and here is my story.

I've been living the good simple life in PEI Canada. I started out as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the school system but then switched to running the family motel (parents retiring). I have a great wife and a 5 yr old son. Life was great...then 3 yrs ago I started to feel really tired. My condition rapidly deteriorated and I went to the doctor (later than I should have.....male syndrome). They quickly determined I was anemic and started running test....but were baffled. I had Bone marrow tests, stool tests, and a stomach scope (thought I had ulcers). After taking what seemed like 5 gallons of blood out of me for testing (you miss every drop when anemic) they figured out it was Hemolytic Anemia. My hemoglobin level was something like 5. I was put on I.V. Salu Medrol (spelling?). Then I was put guessed...Prednisone. 80mg/day and my blood bounced back really quickly....back to 15.5 (I think we use the same scale in Canada). They did the tests to rule out other causes....CT scan, barium bowel follow through, ultra-sound, etc....finally just called Idiosyncratic Autoimune Hemolytic Anemia. Well, I weaned off over time. I hated the the moon face, hair loss, weight gain, hyperactive, poor sleep, poor skin etc. Anyway, After weaning off....everything seemed great.....I thought I was home free. In September of 03 we started to build our dream house. The motel is only open seasonally so I was able to help out with the work. Well, everything seemed to be going badly....stress all around....and guess what. Flare up of the anemia....something I had hoped would never happen again.

Nobody knows or understands this disorder....they look at you weird when you try to explain it to them. Anyway, back on the prednisone....not as high a dose this time....started at 50mg/day and weaned off it over time. Pretty much the same as before....responded really well to the prednisone (other than the side effects). I basically wrote the relapse off to the house building stress. Weaned off it totally last November and the specialist I went to see (4 hour drive away) ran a bunch of tests and told me I seemed normal (15.9 hemaglobin) sign of residual hemolysis). He said to go about my life and hope it doesn't recur.

Well, here we are a few months later....finally losing some of that weight around the middle....wish I could regrow some of my hair....but one thing I did that hairloss in men....while not not worth stressing over compared to other things.

However, I've had a cold lately and I'm starting to wonder if I may be having a relapse again. I have had a couple of dizzy feelings when getting up quickly from laying down. Also, I usually do some exercise on the treadmill this time of year (Motel is closed until May and I do some private practice Speech I'm not really busy). Anyway, I usually do 30-40 minutes on the treadmill....doing a couple of laps (1/2 mile) at a fast run. The last couple of days, the 1/2 mile run has left me more tired than it should.

I'm at the phase where I'm starting to wonder enough that doing research led me here (don't you find most search hits are about dogs?!?!?)

I'll see how things go over the next few days and will then go for another blood test. The way things were left with the doctors was that if it recurred again, they were recommending Splenectomy. Luckily a local Dr does this laproscopically. I'm not really keen on this and may explore the rituxan option.

Anyway, hopefully I'll be ok (fingers crossed).

One thing I should mention, while on Prednisone I was also put on Fosomax, a bone building drug, as well as told to take Calcium with Vitamin D. If you are on Prednisone....I recommend asking about this. I've been fortunate to have great Doctors!

Thanks all, and it's nice to finally find a current discussion about this problem :wave:

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