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TTP, Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpora is a disorder that affects the platelets, clotting factor, and in the later stages kidneys and other organs. It can cause disorientation, as not enough blood is getting to the brain, as well as other failure to other organs. That is the worst case scenario, however. Steroids is often subscribed, and plasma exchange (Plasma pheresis) to exchange the good with the bad. More often then not this method works. In the more rare mishap, however, chemotherapy (usually vincristine) is administered to kill the anit-bodies that is disrupting the natural blood flow in the first place and begin anew. This often can take up to several doses. TTP is both a 'freak' accident as well as it could be genetic. Inherited. There is no known exact cure for TTP, and it often happens for no real reason whatsoever. It occurs more in women then men, (again, merely a statistic) and usually with women who are overweight. Often, in repeat occurences, the spleen is removed, as that's a key point in this kind of disorder.

Now. On to what I think. Before I was rushed to the hospital in late stages of TTP, I had noticed blood blisters, for lack of a better term, on the inside of my mouth, my tongue, along my chest. That is called petechiae. Sort of like mini-bruises that happen for no real reason whatsoever. One of the first symptoms of a blood disorder of this magnitude. Bruising, randomly, with the smallest of touches, nose bleeds, weakness, disorientation, difficulty talking or forming sentences, and finally pain in the abdomen, are all symptoms of this disease. If I experience one (I've had one relapse since leaving the hospital) I go straight to my doctor. This is a deadly disease and must be taken very seriously. They begin Plasma exchange, no matter how small the symptom, and if the patient isn't diagnosed with TTP, better safe then sorry.

I hope this helped some.


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