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I there. I was in an accident on july4th and i broke mypelvis. while i was in the hospital the nursebursted my vein trying to get an IV in. I went home and noticed a black and blue mark on my arm.Ithought nothing of it at first. Then i asked my co-workers which are pharmacists. They told me well how long has that bump been on your am? and discolored like that? I told them about 4 weeks. They told me to go to the doctors. So i did they gave me an ultrasound and they told me ihad a blood clot on my arm and to take plavix oncedaily and put heat on it. take motrin 800 for the swellling and pain. Now my arm is swelling, hurts when someone touches it and looks like a bad black and blue mark. Those where my symptoms and still are. I want to know why its notgoing away.So if you notice any of those symptoms,swelling,bump on arm,black and blue and sometimes hurt. Please see your doctor
Hope i can help :)

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