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Got in a fight
Sep 23, 2005
I got in a fight last night and was punched 5 or 6 times in my face. Both cheeks, right side of kneck, head and left ear.

My face swelled up pretty badly but within 3hours it ws nearly back to normal. A dar later only my right cheek bone area is swollen with a small bruise. A family member looked at my right side and said she can see the bruise under the skin all along the cheek bone area. Explains why it hurts, lol.

Anyway my problem is this. I have a clotting disease called Heamophilia B. I havent had any teatment in a long time because I've been very careful with cuts and bruises and what not. But last night has got me a little bit worried that I may have a bleed in my face and not know about it.The family member I mentioned above tried to make me go to hospital but I wouldn't go.

But since this happened, I was hit so hard that my right contact lense actually came out and it was a soft lense. My eyes have been going "hazy" like there is a grey fog for a few minutes then go back to normal. I've been feeling slightly disorientated and dizzy which passes again. I've also had a headache and been feeling sick most of the day. The headache is pretty constant and the sickness lasts several hours, goes, then returns. Thankfully I haven't chucked up. I hate being sick. My left ear is also VERY sore. I cant lie down on it or touch it. It doesn't look swollen but it seriously hurts and feels a bit hot underneath the ear. I'm told I look pale and Im worn out. I could sleep all day.

Any advice on what this could be?What should I do? I have a hacking/chesty cough too.

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