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What are signs of a blood clot in your leg? I have a really wierd feeling when I bend my leg at the top of my calf. It is not necessary a pain but it feels uncomfortable. Does this sound like one? Or maybe a muscle? I just had a baby a month ago maybe this has something to do with it? Anyone have advice pls write thanks so much!
I don't know that you have a DVT, but you certainly need to call your doctor ASAP and let him/her know what is going on. Recently having a baby is one of the risk factors. Pain in the calf is a symptom. If the area is also red, warm or swollen, go to the ER. They can do a doppler test and tell if you have a blood clot. It's nothing to mess around with.
I am glad I read this. I cannot sleep because my left forearm and left calf feel real tight right now. I can see a pretty significant vein on the back of my calf. I cant tell if it is swollen but I know what I am feeling is not right.

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