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The past couple of days, every time I move my leg (from a sitting or standing still position) my calf cramps up for a very short time. It's in a very specific spot, and in the same place every time. It doesn't last long, and isn't terribly painful... but crampy nonetheless. And it's happening a lot, every time I move my left leg from a standstill position.

Could this be a sign of a blood clot? Everything I've read says it's burning, or hot to the touch... but I have none of that. One thing I did read says "charlie horse" could be a symptom... so I'm wondering if this could be related. :confused:
I had a blood clot in my leg that started in my calf. I have had cramps before that were just that, cramps. But with the clot that I had, it was a very different kind of pain, more intense that just came out of nowhere. It woke me up in the middle of the night. I never had any of that burning sensation that others have said they had, but the biggest problem was that my whole leg was weak and was swollen. I did not know that I had a clot in my leg, and didn't get it checked out until almost 2 weeks after it formed. By that time I had a solid clot that runs from below my knee into my pelvis.

My best advice is to call your doctor. If you are on birth control, it is always a possibility that you might have a clot. If your symptoms have just come out of nowhere, it might be a clot. There is no harm in talking with your doctor to see what he/she says. I was diagnosed by an ultrasound, and if you have one, they will find it. Best of luck to you! I don't know how helpful this was, but I just wanted to say do not wait to contact your doctor. They will be more helpful than anyone! :)

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