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My Husband is 46 and has a blood clot in his groin that runs down to his knee. He was hospitalized on Jun 26th for 3 days then released. He was given Heparin. Now that he is home he is given Coumdain. Last week he was given an U/S to see if it has gotton any better. The test revealed it is still the same, no change other than it has slightly more blod flow moving through it. He is due to return to work on Aug 3rd. , but we aren't sure if it has to be gone by then or not. The U/S Tech said it was the largest clot she has seen and that it could take up to a year for it to go away?! His Dr. doesn't seem to be the slightest concerned. My Husband works in the law enforcement field so being on light duty when he returns isn't going to be easy.

I was reading on the net about a new procedure where they can vacuum the clot out and it's safe and the clot is gone the same day.

Has anyone heard of this? We are trying to find out what Dr.s do this and look into it.

Also what do you think of his situation, does it seem like that is the normal protocal for blood clots?

He wasn't given any To Dos and Not To Dos while he is at home so he has been walking around stores and doing light swimming, is this OK?

ANy INFO would be greatly appreciated :)

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