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[QUOTE=Sublme437;3351428]Here's my story:

So, I have a few questions:

1. Has anyone had a similar experience? (I am only 25 and that's part of why they didn't catch it at first. I am still the youngest person my Dr's head nurse has seen with blood clots this bad.)

[COLOR="red"]Yes. I am 28. People as young as 12 can get DVT[/COLOR].

2. How long do they typically take to clear out of your system?
[COLOR="red"]Some clots never clear, but become part of the vein. The body can create new veins / increase the old ones so that the "symptoms" associated with DVT lessen over time; the majority of function should be back in as few as 6 weeks, but the swelling may never go away completly. This all depends exactly where the clot is. [/COLOR]

3. Is it normal to have some twinges of pain, even in areas where they didn't find clotting? (I have them from time to time in both my arms and my right leg.)

[COLOR="red"]Yes. DVT tends to hypersensitise people to twitches, pains etc that are "normal". It's worth going to the doctor, however, in case you actually have a symptom of another disease. You can also have small clots going throughout your body theoretically, which may cause pains without other symptoms. Not to mention you might have worse circulation after a DVT:( [/COLOR]

4. Has anyone ever had the filter removed? I saw a post from someone whose Dr told her she could have the filter in but didn't have to be on blood thinners... the whole idea of taking it out scares the bejesus out of me.
[COLOR="red"]I don't know, but there really is minimal danger after three weeks of a P.E. from an old clot - by then the clot is normally embeded into the vein[/COLOR]
5. What should you do if you happen to drink too much and are dizzy the next day?

[COLOR="red"]You shouldn't drink too much while on warfarin, as it can interfere with the drug (to a slight extent) and make you fall over / cut yourself.

If you are "naughty",:angel: LOL, then you should drink something like orange juice - plenty of sugar, some salt, and fluid. This will reduce the hang over.[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

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