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Thanks for that information, E. I am familiar with the LEF... Have read about a lot of things there in the past, but didn't think to look up ITP.

Autoimmune disease is the pits. There are between 80 and 100 identified AI conditions, and they're investigating 40 others as having AI origins. Fifty million Americans are affected, and the number is climbing. Presumably from all the toxins in our environment. See... the thing is... Even if I could identify the reason my immune system has turned on me, there's probably no way to reverse it. Even if I started to live "clean" now... organic unprocessed food, purified water, etc... The danged antibodies wouldn't necessarily go away, and my body wouldn't necessarily reverse the damage from them.

All I know is... From what I am reading on ITP forums, I will not get sucked into that vicious cycle of horrid treatments that only work half the time and never permanently if they do work ... Which have their own risk of death and disability... in order to chase some magic platelet number. If I were much younger and lived an active, physical lifestyle, I would likely feel differently about treatment. But the stage of life I'm in is just not that risky.

Have seen those reports that gluten intolerance can trigger Hashimoto's thyroiditis - and possibly other AI diseases. In the weeks shortly after my Hashi's diagnosis, I was tested for celiac and was negative. But who knows whether that testing was any more accurate or interpreted any more accurately than thyroid testing is most of the time? At any rate, I am not at all sensitive to wheat/gluten foods, so I doubt that's it. I have not lived a pristine life as far as diet goes. Am a sugar/candy junkie... Have sweetened my iced tea with saccharine for nearly 40 years... Have used some amount of aspartame during the past 5 or so years, but never felt right about it and have since given it up ... Have used processed foods for convenience sake... Plastics, fluoride, insecticides, food preservatives, air pollution, cleaning chemicals... egads! So much could be to blame... No way to identify the culprit.

One forum contains a section for folks to report natural treatments they've tried - herbs, meditation, OTC supplements, homeopathy, etc. I read the entirety of it. The concensus is that nothing made much difference if it worked at all, and most things made no difference. Gotta say, I've been tempted to call my homeopath for an appt to see what he has to say about platelet-boosting methods. But given what all those folks have to say, wouldn't I be wasting my money?
I do think I'll be buying a pound or more of sesame seeds next time I shop at my spice market. Thanks for that suggestion, Kboyle... Seems easy and cheap enough to give a whirl.

My last count was 26K. I had no bruises at that time, just a few petechiae on my chest. My lower shins have them most of the time, and have for a long time. (I never thought twice about those... just thought all old ladies have them... lol.) Anyway, I'm thinking that 26K must be ok for me; and that when I do get bad bruising, the count must have fallen lower than that. Seems reasonable to test when bruising is present, I guess.

And to think I once thought my Hashi's was the end of the world... :D

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