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Oct 11, 2008
My daughter Tarika was diagnosed with TTP in 1991 and had 8 occurances. She had originally posted on this message board, wanted to inform everyone that she married October 25 2006 and found out that she was pregnant in March 2008, after an episode of TTP, (we think that the event was caused by the pregnancy). Tarika's doctor told her that they should be able to treat her if she has an episode ewhile she was pregnant. Tarika was now at 7 months and everything seemed to be going good until around the second week of September. Tarika seemed to get tired and the morning sickness was getting worse. She went to the doctor and it was confirmed, that her platelet count was dropping. Her doctor had her admitted to the hospital and they started the treatments. Her count went up and we thought everything was going to be fine, but the next day her count dropped. The doctor began a more aggressive treatment regime hoping that they could get her count to stablize, but I think that the baby was interfeering with her treatments. Tarika gained 60 pounds in a week, which was causing her discomfort. Her doctor then decided to up her phereses and give her whole blood transfusions and platelets, so that they could perform an emergency C-section, and hopefully then they could continue with Tarika's treatment. The first 2 scheduled operations were postponed because her counts were so dangerousely low, so Saturday September 13, they took Tarika into the delivery room. At 1:30, they delivered Bailey Jade Green, Tarika took her last breath. Tarika died on the operating table, never able to see or hold her daughter. My daughter passed away that day and left a wonderful gift, but my heart is so hurt, because she wanted that baby so badly and regardless of what would happen to her.

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