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Hi there,
I am wondering the same as Millym. I had a DVT in my right calf two years ago. I had surgery on my back a few weeks earlier and had no idea what a DVT was! Well, I didn't listen to my body and the DVT became MANY pulmonary emboli. I had them in all four quadrants of the lungs and the even started to make a bridge between the lungs, this is called saddling. I finally went to the ER and when they found what I had, I was given a 50/50 chance of living through it. Every doctor I saw has told me that I am a walking miracle! Even with all these PE's and the damage that was done to my lungs to this day, I am afraid to go back to the dr to get checked for clots. I have had calf pain in my right leg for a couple of days and I do not want to go to the hospital. I don't really remember the pain or swelling or warmth in the calf from before. I do not have the pain all the time during the day but when it hits, it is very painful. Last night, I was up twice with restless leg syndrome. These are usually controlled well with meds. So this makes me wonder even more if there is a DVT. I guess I will just wait and see what happens. How does someone know when to get checked and when to wait it out? If someone could tell me, I would appreciate it a lot.

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