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The following are my lab results for a recent blood count test. I was wondering if everything looks pretty much normal to anybody, as I have ongoing unresolved medical issues that involve numbness, loss of taste and smell, and a burning skin and scalp sensation, and so far the doctors can't figure out why. The doctors have ruled out brain problems so the main doctor referred me to an ENT (who still has not yet called) to look at my nose to see if what's there. I just had an x-ray done of the sinuses and things look good there, other than I have hypoplastic frontal sinuses and bony bridging in root of sella turcica-don't even know what that means). One other relevant note is that I had Vitamin D Insufficiency (I guess normal range is 30-150 or so and my level was 8). So, here it is:

Test Result Reference Range

WBC 9.2 4.3-11.0
RBC 4.71 4.00-5.40
HEMOGLOBIN 14.9 12.0-16.0
HEMATOCRIT 43.5 36.0-47.0
MCV 92.5 80.0-100.0
MCH 31.7 25.0-35.0
MCHC 34.3 31.0-37.0
RDW 10.7 11.5-14.5
PLATELET COUNT 205 150-400
GLUCOSE 89 70-99
CREATININE 0.64 0.50-1.50
SODIUM 140 136-146
POTASSIUM 3.7 3.5-5.5
CHLORIDE 108 95-110
C02 24 24-32
CALCIUM 9.2 8.4-10.5
BILIRUBIN 0.6 0.2-1.2
AST 18 0-40
ALT 23 0-45
TOTAL PROTEIN 7.1 6.0-8.0
ALBUMIN 4.3 3.0-5.5

Thank you anyone for any information you might offer regarding this issue. It is greatly appreciated.

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