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My daughter (age 4) has the following:
MCV 70 (low) Normal Range (78-102)
MCH 20,8 (low) Normal Range (27-35)
RDW 18,5 (high) Normal Range (11-14)
HGB 10,1 (low) Normal Range (12-16)
HCT 34 (low) Normal Range (36 -49)

She takes iron last time feritin was tested was borderline
She had the hemoglobin test for the Thalassemia trait 3 times, it was negative the first two times and non conclusive the last time. We were told to do DNA testing. We had that done in one lab (but I think only for alpha genotype) and it was negative, we will repeat it for all genotypes...

You might want to ask about testing for the Thalassemia trait (that is related to low MCV,MCH, HGB)
I am worried about my daughter if its not the trait or anemia,
could it be cancer or leukemia???

Can you tell me what tests your oncologist did or suspects?
Thank you

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