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I can understand how frightened you are. I've been there, too. But I've read tons on the subject since my diagnosis and now understand that counts above 30K are usually no cause for alarm. I personally refuse to treat a count above 10K.

If you had no signs of unusual bleeding... Severe bruising, heavy petechiae, bleeding gums, blood blisters, etc... You didn't really need to take that prednisone. Some MDs panic at counts like yours; others, like mine, are more conservative and willing to take the patient's wishes into account.

Since I wrote the above post in 2010, my counts have steadily risen. My last count, taken last month, was in the low-normal range, 150K. I'm telling you that so you know there is hope of remission.

Unfortunately, people who have the flawed gene that allows for autoimmune disease have the potential to develop more than one of those diseases, and there's not much that can be done to fix that. I have AI thyroid disease and ITP. I hope your fortune will be better.

Try not to panic about this. I don't have scientific proof, but IMO, stress probably plays a big part in the autoimmune process. I've learned to live in peace with the ITP. Maybe my immune system has rewarded me with a remission for my trouble. ;)

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